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Thread: How to edit existing post?

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    Default How to edit existing post?

    Re an existing post, how can you edit its text and how can you alter it to allow replies from all members?

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    Next to "Reply" below the post, is "Edit post", but it's time limited for the original poster, and only available to that poster or one of the Mods. If you didn't write the post, aren't a Mod, or wait too long to edit the text, the option is removed.
    Anyone registered can reply to any open thread.

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    Please keep requests for help in the forums where everyone can see them, not in Private Messages.
    Posting a plea for help or information in the forum, will be seen more quickly by a widely experienced audience.
    A solution in the forum could also be useful to other future visitors, so PLEASE, no private requests. (they won't be answered !)

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    Thanks Terry

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