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Thread: Hiding partitions

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    Default Hiding partitions

    I have just setup a dual booting PC with EasyBCD (free version) and I would like to do this. I have 3 partitions:

    Win XP x32
    Win 7 x64
    Data D:

    When booted into Win XP, I would like the Win 7 partition hidden and when booted into Win 7, I would like the XP partition hidden. I would like both OSes to have access to the Data Drive D:.

    Can this be done at all?

    Can it be done with Easy BCD?


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    It cant be done with just EasyBCD alone. We used to have a program called Hide 'N Seek. But I dont think development has continued in some time and the project fell by the side.

    [Download] Vista Hide 'n Seek BETA

    Read up on it and see if that is what you want and maybe see if it works.
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    HnS will hide Vista/7 from XP, (that's what it was written to do) but not vice versa (there is no actual need, Vista/7 doesn't damage XP).
    You could use HnS to create an initial grub menu.lst (It's grub4dos doing the booting not MS bootmgr) but you would need to customize the menu.lst to make the systems mutually hide each other.

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    You could also use the program WinBubbles for to hide drive's/partitions beside of many other advantages!
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