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Thread: Reinstallation of Vista Home edition

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    Default Reinstallation of Vista Home edition

    Ok..So wiped the computer clean and put on Vista Home..It won't detect wireless whatsoever...When I go into the device manager the only things that are listed for the network are Bluetooth and Broadband...It won't detect wireless or let me set it up at all..It was working last week..Is this a common thing for Vista? Is it something as simple as downloading a driver? Not a huge fan of Vista..Do I even need Bluetooth on there?

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    Yes, on a computer that is on the internet you'll need to download the latest driver if you don't have the install CD.

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    Do I need to download the modem driver? Eathernet card driver? Says there isn't a wireless network adapter.. I can't connect anything..It keeps wanting to connect by dial up'..It's a second computer and it's a HP Compaq 6710b...I have fresh installation of Vista Home, but can't figure this one out..Also, why would I need Bluetooth on there? The wireless was working about 2 weeks ago..Accidently set it back to factory settings...Lost the bootmgr file..Did a clean install of Vista and now I can't get it to connect...I know I'm going to need to install drivers, just can't figure out which ones..Any help would be appreciated!!!

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    You would need the ethernet adapter drivers. That is the same thing as the WiFi.
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    Go to HP's support website if the adapter is built in (ie. it is not a USB adapter you have plugged into the computer and it came installed in the computer). You'll put in your model number and go to the driver download section. It should be listed there. Download it, put in on a USB drive, and run the installer.

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    Thanks..Got it to work!

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