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Thread: Win 7 Home Prem Driver Signature woes

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    Default Win 7 Home Prem Driver Signature woes

    Greetings -

    I recently had to restore my laptop using the supplied recovery discs. Problem is the drivers included and/or downloaded from the laptop manufacturer will not load due to Win 7 Home Prem strict driver digital signature rule.

    In searching I found that this app can boot Win 7 and 'allow' unsigned drivers to be installed.

    This is not happening. I'm still experiencing the issue...Does this that option just not work on my version of Win 7?


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    No it is not just your version. There is no special versions of Windows. You need to remove the driver signing. But doing this will put the system in test mode and will have a watermark in the corner. You could just check for proper drivers instead of trying to work around the driver signing, as that is a big thing in Windows now.
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