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Antivirus Scanner

Everyone knows how easy it is to be hit by a virus. All it takes is one wrong click, one hijacked email, a single second of negligence, and the next thing you know, your PC has been infected.

It's not enough to just have an antivirus software installed. If your antivirus isn't constantly kept up to date, a virus, trojan, or other malware can infect your PC and stop it from working. But while it's easy to get infected, recovering from a PC virus can actually be simple and pain-free with Easy Recovery Essentials for Windows.

Antivirus after the fact

While most antivirus products work on the defensive, and are designed to be installed and used before your PC gets infected, EasyRE focuses on cleaning up the mess afterwards. All you have to do is boot from your EasyRE USB or CD and start the virus scan, EasyRE will do the rest. EasyRE's antivirus database contains definitions for (quite literally) millions of known viruses and trojans, and will do its best to disinfect your PC of all malware.

Better than traditional antivirus software

Viruses don't just infect your PC and then lie there - they actively prevent antivirus products from cleaning them out by intercepting attempts at removing an infection, re-creating virus files as they're deleted by your antivirus, hiding infected files from Windows, and generally making it difficult to fully restore a PC to working condition. Since EasyRE runs outside of Windows, (you boot into it instead of running/installing it while Windows is running), it has a chance to clean up viruses that your normal antivirus products don't. The CD EasyRE runs from can't be infected, and that means that EasyRE's antivirus scanner can do its job without viruses on your PC hindering it any way, letting it clean up even the most nasty viruses a lot easier.

Live Updates

If your PC is connected to the network, EasyRE will check for and download the latest virus signature updates before running any scan. You don't have to keep creating new bootable recovery CDs or always make sure to download the latest version of the product – it's always automatically up to date.

Virus Scan Overview

Automatically repairing a Windows installation is easy. When you start it up, EasyRE will show you a list of detected Windows installations:

Easy Recovery Essentials will search for viruses, cleaning and reporting any malware it finds as it goes along.