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Thank you
Posted by Karen on February 12, 2020

Worked like a dream on my Windows 2008 R2 server. After spending 4+ hours restoring a backup, only to find the backup had the same issue, I found your software. I though the only thing I have to loose is $99, turned out to be money well spent. Very happy.

Thank you!!
Posted by DavidA on February 7, 2020

My computer wouldn't boot after I dickered it with EasyBCD (my own fault for being ridiculous). Sure, I could have spent a lot of time downloading Windows 10 setup from Microsoft, or could have spent hours trying other options. Instead, I spent the $20 for Windows 10 Easy Recovery and was up and running in less than 5 minutes using a 4GB USB drive. I'm so grateful for the solution and not wasting time. :-) Thank you, NeoSmart!

SBS2011 is up and running again!
Posted by Dynamic IT on January 16, 2020

We had a client's Small Business Server 2011 server fail to boot after installing a Windows Update, and it looked like boot sector issues to us. We spent about 4 hours trying bcdedit commands and the like with a little success but then struck the 0xC0000428 digital signature error and could not get past that. We were about to restore from last night's backup, which would have meant some of today's data was lost. I was a little hesitant to lose data, and a little hesitant to spend money, but we chose to give EasyRE a try first and the automatic repair worked. My opinion has changed from “I'm a little worried that I'm wasting money” to "I wish I had spent the money earlier in the day". Thank you, Neosmart! Mike - Dynamic IT

Posted by Simon on December 24, 2019

Software simply does not work. I demand a refund.

Editor's Note: 

I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble getting your PC repaired, although I'm not sure what “simply does not work” means (whether you were able to run it at the very least?) Please contact easyre@neosmart.net for support or a refund.

Was sceptical but no more!
Posted by Paul on December 14, 2019

Has a dreaded non boot error on windows 7... a bit cynical that this wouldn’t work but after downloading the program and creating a proper boot usb.... bing! After three minutes all good. I’ve read some reviews saying this is a scam etc but they are so wrong... I have a feeling this is people not creating the boot usb correctly...I simply followed the directions. The only thing that was not working after getting back in was the sound drivers but they were simple to reinstall. Sceptic no more!!!

I don't believe this......but!!!!
Posted by Anthony Rata on December 6, 2019

I have 2 LGA1366 motherboards,neither would recognize any drive of any type. I spent a week trying every so called solution offered,no luck at all.An hour ago I stumbled across reference to you and your software in a forum and thought why not give this a try. Created a usb drive plugged it in and....BAM!!!!! 2 Motherboards working perfectly within 15 minutes!!! Whatever voodoo magic you use I will never understand,but it is GOLD and i thank you for your efforts.Would recommend to anyone in my position,save yourself the frustration and get this software,best $20 you'll ever spend.

I'm so happy!
Posted by sherley on December 4, 2019

Just when I thought all hope was lost I came across this program in one of many threads online!

My computer had all my artwork I created for the past six years and I was absolutely devastated when upon booting my computer up one day I was met with a booting error code :0xc000014c blue screen. I refused to run the risk of downloading windows again and losing all my data. I'm so grateful for the program and the affordable pricing as someone who lives paycheck to paycheck.

For anyone who buys program as recovery disc download and panics for a sec, They also have a usb creator program for free but consider donating!

You guys are life savers! I can't thank you enough for the gift you given me to be able to see and recover my life's work.

Posted by Mike Halford on November 2, 2019

Wasted $20 for a second type of browser. Could not make a restore and program goes around in circles.Would not recommend.

Bad Windows Update
Posted by K-Tech on October 21, 2019

I had multiple Windows 7 computers caught in a startup loop caused by Microsoft Patch Tuesday, created a DVD from easy recovery essential iso booted from it ran automatic repair and it found and removed the corrupt update and repaired startup, this took about 20 min and saved me hours

Didn't Work
Posted by Stell on September 26, 2019

I followed all the tutorials they sent me, and I also contacted the support team, and the laptop didn't boot — what a waste of time and money.

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