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Good job and thank you
By Kevin W. on October 20, 2014

Had an old vista running computer to use for our broadcast system. Took it back to the office and did an update on it... Wow - what a mess. The system stayed on for all night and got hung up on a reboot / system update configuration loop. Tried everything i know. Happen to find these guys advertised on another site... Was skeptical, but the 19.00 was a good investment to see if we could get it back.

Guess what - It worked and it was easy to use! My computer is fixed and ready to go back to work next Sunday in the Tech Booth at church!

A Life Saver
By George on January 29, 2015

At first I was very dubious that this work. I had tried everything, booting into repair trying various console commands, like bootrec and diskpart. Nothing worked, my partition was showing up as hidden and there was no way I could change it. Fearing for the worst I thought I would have to do a wipe and reinstall. The worst thing was that it happened out of the blue, one day I turned off my computer the next day it wouldn't boot, to rhyme of reason.

Easy Recovery, that I happened to stumble upon was a last ditch attempted. Reluctant to pay $20 (£13) for something that I couldn't guarantee to work, I am really glad I did!

I can not recommend this enough! From purchasing to fixing my system it took less than 10 minutes. If you had tried everything (like me) this was a godsend!

Just one final note to say that I never write reviews and I would like to assure anyone reading this that is a genuine product and this is not one of those sketchy self made reviews. Everything about this 100% genuine!

It surely works
By kobus on January 8, 2015

I changed my hard disk and could not startup and got n blue screen.

I run the program once and 6 months of stuggle was gone.

I recommend Easy Recovery Essentials and surely..... It works!

What magic!
By Philipp on October 27, 2013

guys, I can't thank you enough. I tried now for approx. 2 weeks to clone my hdd to a newer ssd (windows xp).

After cloning with clonezilla I always got a the boot error "A disk read error occurred".

Only today, after several tries ... including flashing the bios, modifying the original disk (s.t. it includes all ssd drivers, updatess, ...), playing w/ bios boot options, playing around w/ the ssd disk jumpers - it is a PATA ssd - which is kind of rare - , reinstalling/rescue-install windows xp from the windows xp recovery cd, fixmbr, fixboot etc.... I just wanted to give this ssd cloning a last try and purchased the "EasyRE for Windows XP.iso" .... Well, what should I say it worked after 2 minutes, rebooted and windows xp booted perfectly w/o any error!!!

I don't know what magic this iso did, but know everything works again... Maybe you can explain what the problem might have been... but anyway I'm very lucky that it worked out that easily and flawless.

Thanks again guys...

15 years customer tech support
By No more hair pulling on March 21, 2014

2 mins and its back into working conditions. So pleasant , I took more time typing this then it took to repair the Windows XP faulty boot. After trying all known manual fix, I spent 20$ and its done.


Thank you Ali
By Monty on December 12, 2015

Thank you Ali for your help in rebooting my Vista desktop i would recommend EasyRE as i had never heard of this company lucky i found you from searching from a long way away. Monty

By Graham - DMS SERVICES INC on February 8, 2017

My server with a Raid controller crashed and was giving page fault errors. After figuring out that my raid controller died, i tried a similar one i had in my office. Hooked up the raid 1 drives(mirror) booted the server 2012 version of easy repair.

It could now see my partitions. tried system restore and luckily there was a restore point from the day before. Ran the restore. Rebooted my server and HOLY AWESOME is came back!

I give this program 10/10. Good job whoever made this. Saved me a PILE of time. This is a real review. I am not a paid reviewer. If your machine wont start i recommend giving this software a try! Thanks again!

Like magic
By Renate on January 6, 2016

Microsoft Support was not able to give support how to solve Oxc0000034, after their own repair tool does not do its job, but this tool fixed everything automatically like magic. Simply great!

By PaulNJ on April 21, 2017

A complete waste of time...and no way will I be paying for this load of trash.

BEYOND thrilled!
By Jon D on March 11, 2016

I have to say I was doubtful this was going to be worth my time or money. My PC had crashed and I had a tech guy in. He spent over five hours trying everything and the last resort was going to be to do a refresh install (which I did not want to do). On a whim I figured "Well, before I do that I will try this tool." NO LIE - two minutes and the software repaired the entire system! I was beyond thrilled.

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