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Posted by Sanjeev Meston on September 12, 2019

Bought the product, does not do much and cost is horrible

Is this magic?
Posted by Lucas on September 11, 2019

Windows 7 f***ed up the last update, stuck on black screen with cursor. Experienced in resolving Windows errors, I spent 4 hours trying various ways to fix it, resulting in changing the error to missing /BOOT/BCD and then to missing bootmgr. Most tries to fix crashed with various errors anyway. Then I came across this software - automated fix everything? Yeah, sure... First it did not start - ok, make sure to use FAT32 for your USB as described in the FAQ.

And then it just worked! This is an auto-repair that actually works! And it worked on a problem where none of the standard fixes available on the internet was successful. I am really impressed :-)

Meltdown avoided
Posted by Brian Gamble on September 8, 2019

All my old tools failed with Windows 10 and bad GPT files (system could not find an OS). Despite 40+ years of PC building and support I was at a standstill. Discovered Easy Recovery Essentials, at a price I could live with. No problem creating a boot DVD which could and did rewrite usable Safe MBR and boot files, leaving me with a running Windows 10 installation. Many Thanks!

It worked for me
Posted by Bogdan on September 6, 2019

Hi. This morning, I found my computer restarted and on recovery partition. Main partition was not bootable and all repairing from windows recovery partition. Commands like bootrec /fixboot and bootrec /fixmbr were successful executed, but the problem was still here (no effect). Command bootrec /rebuildbcd refused to work with error "Failed to create a new system store. Status = [c000003a]". Tried Hiren's utilities on a boot usb but was not successful. One of the links on google search pointed on Easy RE. Tried it in last hope and it worked. Thanks.

Repaired Server 2008 boot problem
Posted by Peter Scrutton on September 2, 2019

I wasn't optimistic but after spending a couple of days trying all the things recommended by others I thought it was worth spending $99 just to get our Server 2008 working again. Sure enough it didn't let me down, it was $99 very well spent!

It’s real and it works!
Posted by Abraham Silva on September 2, 2019

By “mistake” I erased some important system files from a Windows Vista HP, I thought that it was a goner because the pc would only show the black booting screen where you decide to start windows normally or in safe mode but none of them will work, it would just return to the same screen. But after finding EasyRE and burning the software into a CD and doing a System Restore the computer went back to working again, it really worked.


EZ Recovery Disk Upgrade?
Posted by David on August 17, 2019

I purchased my previous version of this product about a year ago and I was very happy with the way it worked. It definitely saved me a lot of time and effort. I had a crash this year, popped the disk in and I got a message that said my version of widows was to new (Still windows 10 from last year). I was hoping that there was an available upgrade for existing customers. Unfortunately I ended up buying a new copy of the program. Granted it worked great, but it was another $20.00 for a piece of software I might use once or twice until the next revision comes out.

Posted by Allen Russell on August 12, 2019

What a wonderful program! After spending weeks trying to fix a 0xc000000e error after restoring from Acronis, I bought EasyRe yesterday. Not being an expert, it did take a little bit of effort to burn and get my computer to boot the CD (Thank you Dell for the extra trouble). Today I ran EasyRE. I watched and a couple minutes later I now have a working computer again. I can't thank you enough. You were my last hope before reloading all my program.

Chance 50%? was working for me. super fast.
Posted by Alan Mattano on July 24, 2019

This soft ()after running was fixing my boot problem in seconds. I spend all day trying other options (Appuals com steps). I was getting "Reboot and Select Proper Boot Device". For me, 20Usd (are a lot!) for this 50% chance. This soft fix my problem in seconds after running it. Ram was broken.

Issues to developers The home edition I was expecting antivirus (at home we need it). Consider rebranding Home to Essential and Professional to Pro or Standard.

Difficult to mount an ISO in Windows 10 if you do not know what an ISO is. I suggest adding ISO instructions next to the download.

20U$D was a lot for a 50% chance working. If HD or SSD is not destroy , this tool works.
Posted by Alan Mattano on July 24, 2019

I was having “Reboot and select proper boot device” after bios.

A memory ram was failing and I take it out. Purchasing recovery was my last option before using windows repair. I purchase this neosmart.net/EasyRE thinking is 50% chance. And work as soon as I hit the first option.

[FEEDBACK to Developers] Later I hit scan for virus option but somehow was not available in the Home edition. Probably I was using the free version? later investigating looks like this home edition do not include antivirus. A home edition must include an antivirus for your home. Consider rebranding home to essential and professional to pro or advance, etc. I wish that developers ad how to mount an ISO next to the download instructions. Using Windows 10 was easy; but not easy to understand. Not al central know what is an ISO.

Reading Steve Redston on March 2, 2019 and answer looks like they have nice intentions. Also, they allowed user posting this feedbacks.

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