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Posted by Allen Russell on August 12, 2019

What a wonderful program! After spending weeks trying to fix a 0xc000000e error after restoring from Acronis, I bought EasyRe yesterday. Not being an expert, it did take a little bit of effort to burn and get my computer to boot the CD (Thank you Dell for the extra trouble). Today I ran EasyRE. I watched and a couple minutes later I now have a working computer again. I can't thank you enough. You were my last hope before reloading all my program.

Chance 50%? was working for me. super fast.
Posted by Alan Mattano on July 24, 2019

This soft ()after running was fixing my boot problem in seconds. I spend all day trying other options (Appuals com steps). I was getting "Reboot and Select Proper Boot Device". For me, 20Usd (are a lot!) for this 50% chance. This soft fix my problem in seconds after running it. Ram was broken.

Issues to developers The home edition I was expecting antivirus (at home we need it). Consider rebranding Home to Essential and Professional to Pro or Standard.

Difficult to mount an ISO in Windows 10 if you do not know what an ISO is. I suggest adding ISO instructions next to the download.

20U$D was a lot for a 50% chance working. If HD or SSD is not destroy , this tool works.
Posted by Alan Mattano on July 24, 2019

I was having “Reboot and select proper boot device” after bios.

A memory ram was failing and I take it out. Purchasing recovery was my last option before using windows repair. I purchase this neosmart.net/EasyRE thinking is 50% chance. And work as soon as I hit the first option.

[FEEDBACK to Developers] Later I hit scan for virus option but somehow was not available in the Home edition. Probably I was using the free version? later investigating looks like this home edition do not include antivirus. A home edition must include an antivirus for your home. Consider rebranding home to essential and professional to pro or advance, etc. I wish that developers ad how to mount an ISO next to the download instructions. Using Windows 10 was easy; but not easy to understand. Not al central know what is an ISO.

Reading Steve Redston on March 2, 2019 and answer looks like they have nice intentions. Also, they allowed user posting this feedbacks.

Posted by Peter Piper on July 6, 2019

When it comes to Windows errors I would never trust 3rd party software, I usually just go through all possible solutions I can google and then it just hits some correct solution. Not this time on my old Dell Vostro. Two days of searching, testing, wasting time - SERIOUSLY - until I was desperate and spent the $20. Worked, enough said... still can't believe it.. In fact, I read a review which put me off as it said “it probably works for minor errors, which you could probably find solutions for on the net..” My error was major BSOD 20-30 times with other people's solution..

Buy it, unless something major is broken like your hard disk or you deleted a extremely important file using other people's solution. USE THIS FIRST, like they said, it will work. Not sure about the guarantee, but it works, works, works - I am so happy now!!

Definitely works, was skeptical but not anymore!
Posted by Allen Dubberly on June 29, 2019

Okay so it WORKS! After trying for weeks to get my “Hal.dll missing or corrupt” problem fixed, I got the “Easy recovery Essentials” and gave it a try and when complications arose, “Support” stepped in and got me through it. These are real people doing great things and deserve recognition for helping people when no one else will!

Thank you Ali!

Worked for me
Posted by Paul Smith on June 17, 2019

Dell Inspiron with Windows 7 would not boot up and System Restore and Windows Startup Repair were unsuccessful. Being IT savvy I could have recovered my files but would have spent days re-installing software and setting things up again. Although spent some time failing to get EasyRE on to a bootable USB stick, once I got it burned to a CD everything was easy. Great relief and very impressed.

What a software!
Posted by Nikola on June 2, 2019

Hello, recently i had problem with dual booting with Linux Mint. And when i hear with easyRe firstly i think it was some tool that is only guarantee but isn't finishing their job. So i have purchase personal license for my laptop and my windows got booted up without any problem. It's just amazing that i lost 5 days of finding solution until i found EasyRe


Skeptical at first - a believer now
Posted by J. W. on May 28, 2019

There is no grey in the reviews. Users either love it or hate it. I was skeptical and resigned to the possibility that I might be tossing $40 at a problem, all for naught. But nothing else had worked and I had done all I could to learn about my problem, BCD files, boot manager, boot order etc... I am not an IT professional and I know just enough to be dangerous. There is only so much I was willing to do in the registry and such. I had off-line cloned one drive to another and neither worked in my machine. I spent a week working with an encryption company to decrypt the drive (which I was told would not be necessary since I was doing a clone sector by sector, but it was a indeed problem). Once decrypted, it still wouldn't boot. I was very, very, pleasantly surprised that EasyRE worked. It took 2 passes, and the interface was a little wonky, but I have my machine back. The alternative was to pay someone hundreds of dollars or start from scratch.

I figured I owed it to myself to risk 40 bucks. I burned a CD. Had to do it twice. The second time was the charm - an older slower machine worked better than a new machine. I followed the instructions. And it worked! Thank you EasyRE!

Though, but in the end it worked
Posted by Stefano on May 24, 2019

It did not work at first attempt in the automatic mode. However, thank to the excellent support I got, I was able to restore my PC as it was. I am very grateful to this company.

Wow, worked perfectly! Highly Recommended!
Posted by Choon on May 3, 2019

I've hardly leave a review, but for this one I owe it to myself to do a quick one. I went out to the kitchen to eat, came back before you know it, I have the BSOD! Why? I have no idea, it was working fine just 10 Mins ago! So I Restarted over and over and I even try the troubleshooting section on windows 10 repair, nothing happens, and I even try to restore, not successful. I just spend the last hr going through most of the video on Youtube, and every time I restart it, it gives me the same exact blue screen error. After some research found the website with no hesitation bought the CD, what have I got to lose for $20 right? Wow! It brought my computer back in just 2 easy clicks. Click the icon, and then click auto repair, it can not get that easy right, right it shouldn't but it did :). If your are here wondering if you should buy it, what have you got to lose, do it! Good luck on yours, and thank you team for this awesome software. I wish I had found this years back where I spent an entire week trying to fix it and ended up just reformatting the whole PC :(.

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