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By Bill Ruschmeyer on November 15, 2013

An Outstanding, unbelievable, superb piece of software and truly a lifesaver!! I cannot say enough only that is the best $20 investment I have ever made. Simple yet completely thorough in what it does.

I would recommend this to any PC user young,old,experienced or inexperienced. I will purchase the Windows 8 version 'just in case.'I cannot foresee anyone giving this software a bad review. It does exactly as advertised, and is by far the easiest software I have come across.

By Carl W on October 17, 2015

I had just upgraded my Acer Aspire One 722 from Win 7 to Win 10. It went so well that I thought I should get a new battery to increase my portable time. The machine would not recognize it, and in trying so many suggested ways to fix the problem, I ended up with a blown file in the Win 10 boot.

Tried a lot of stuff, then in desperation went to Geek Squad in the Best Buy store. What a joke! The young guy said, "I think your operating system is kaput!" DOH....like telling me that the computer won't boot; I already knew that. So the verdict? Base cost $150 just to look at it, MAYBE they could give me a new OS, wipe out all my data and programs. I said fugedaboudit! and found this site on a forum, decided to spend the $20 on this software and Lo and Behold! I could download to my other (working) computer, create a bootable thumb drive. Then set the Acer's boot hierarchy to see the thumb drive first, booted and repaired Win 10 and VOILA! total time till I had my Acer back = 20 minutes, including the download and creation of the bootable thumb drive.

Bravo guys! You saved the life of a great little computer!

FINALLY!!! Something that really works!!!
By Ed on June 22, 2016

I said to heck with it and risked the 20 bucks, but it worked flawlessly, I got the boot error after resetting my USB drivers and this neosmartmedia Auto repair worked like a charm on my Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 Dell XPS laptop.

Thanks for your quality software!
By Patrick H. on January 7, 2013

I was in a real bind being in Spain and my boot file got corrupted. I didn’t have a CD with me and your software fixed the problem and I was able to resume my work within minutes! Thanks for your quality software!

Saved a good laptop from the dumpster
By Waco John on July 27, 2017

It is an oldie, but it is still a lot of computer. It doesn't run anything but W7-64 (not counting Linux). The factory restore partition got blown away, and the CDs I burnt when it was new are long lost. W7 started with severe start up problems, .. and I tried everything I knew and could not solve the problem and could not install the OS anew. Just about to load Linux on it, and did one last Google for a solution and found this Held my breath, burnt a Professional version CD.

Booted it and it ran beautifully ... the very first time ... and fixed some boot up problems I could not fix. Restored a backup image and this machine is back to life. Great product and thank you for your work on it. I breathe relief.

Works awesome
By Happy Consumer on November 6, 2013

If using HP Pavilion repeat f9 to get boot menu. Don't hesitate...this program works as advertised and worth the money to avoid all the possible headaches.

Really Saved my Axx!
By Robert on April 28, 2013

We were a bit skeptical, but figured we had nothing to lose... Paid the fee, downloaded and used the imaged CD we created. The tool did allow us to get into the Toshiba System recovery file where we were able to burn a copy of our vital files to DVD and then allowed us to reboot the computer to "out of the box" condition. Reloaded the data files and we were back in business! Much thanks!

Best value for a dollar
By DHF on October 10, 2015

This is the best value for a dollar you will ever receive. I had major problems and the repair process was complicated and long running but they stuck with me through the entire ordeal. Neosmart can be a little slow in getting back to you but they always do and there solutions are amazing. Thanks very much. I could not recommend them more strongly.

By Selvakumar on December 11, 2016

The windows 7 stops responding usb 3.0 after updating and i serched internet for recovery DVD and found this site saved my time Thank you guys.One thing price is on the higher side

15 years customer tech support
By No more hair pulling on March 21, 2014

2 mins and its back into working conditions. So pleasant , I took more time typing this then it took to repair the Windows XP faulty boot. After trying all known manual fix, I spent 20$ and its done.


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