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Posted by Arnold on April 18, 2021

The software worked like a charm! It literally saved me hundreds of dollars that the data recovery company wanted! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Best £15 I've ever spent !!!
Posted by Chris M on April 10, 2021

I was switching between audio drivers and somehow got the first BSOD that i've had in over 10 years. Windows 10 restarted to the BIOS followed by a black screen. I tried everything. I downloaded the USB recovery tool from microsoft, and used the command prompt to type bootrec / fixmbr , fixboot , fixbcd , scanos , everything and all I was getting was "the specified bla bla cannot be found". Everything I tried, the pc just said “NO!!” A friend suggested EasyRE, but to be honest, none of us were confident. I certainly didn't think a one-stop-repair thing would work, and have always avoided those kinds of things. 2 things gave me confidence about it though. 1. It was supported by Microsoft 2. It was supported by PC world

When I burned the iso, ran it, and seen it burning through loads of fact-finding stuff on its own, then loading the easyRE essentials, I was hopeful / not hopeful at all, and I think I maybe only had to click the mouse once or twice, and then BOOM !! my desktop appeared. Not only did EasyRE fix my pc , save me money on pc repairs which would probably have resulted in "We will have to wipe your drive and reinstall windows", but it saved me the cost of a new PC which I was thinking was my only option.

Best of all. It left all my data intact !!!

Best £15 I've ever spent. Thank you so much Neosmart. I will tell everyone about EasyRE now =)

Refunded when it didn't work
Posted by Clive on March 24, 2021

Didn't work for me but they refunded me without question. So it is guaranteed. Nice not to get ripped off for a change

Better than geek squad!
Posted by Adi on March 18, 2021

This program was amazing. It solved the problem in 5 min what could not solve for days. Geek squad would have charged me $$$$ Amazing!!!! Truly impressed and thankful.

It Works
Posted by RMcDonald on March 7, 2021

EasyRE really works! I have been trying to bring my HP Envy to life for two weeks by trying every F Key combination and repair strategies out there. EasyRE fixed my big problem with very easy and effective steps. If your computer is having major boot issues then RUN to EasyRE!

It did it!
Posted by Eric! on March 6, 2021

EasyRE fixed it. That was the best $19.75 I ever spent! Thank you.

Posted by Alvin on February 25, 2021

Absolutely amazing program. Works way better than advertised....helped me out when Win 10 had a brain fart during upgrade and saved a full install....well worth the investment

Posted by Makara Gis on February 25, 2021

thank you

Didn't work, but I figured out my issue
Posted by Lolo on February 25, 2021

I didn't know what was wrong with my PC at the time but I needed to try, my Win7 kept rebooting even on the umpteenth solution I tried. So I bought this out of desperation and tried it twice. Nothing happened. A week and half later I find out the culprit is the graphics card busted. Also, I was scared I got scammed but the refund did went through two days later. Thank you for refunding! I'm giving up thumbs up for that!

Editor's Note: 

Glad you were able to fix that! Unfortunately if your graphics card is busted then nothing will show up on your PC, even EasyRE ☹️ - that's why we have our money back guarantee. Fortunately, it's actually extremely rare for graphics cards to just die like that, so most people won't run into this.

It works!
Posted by Chuck on February 16, 2021

To whom it concerns: Today I purchased your Recovery Essentials for Windows 8 .1. I have to say it is the best money I have ever spent on my computer! I burned it to USB using Rufus then booted my computer which I had tried every solution to no avail, your software instantly recognized a corrupted Windows update cleared the problem up and there was my system! I was at the point of reinstalling Windows because nothing had worked. Sincerely, I want to thank you, I never would have known how to fix this. Your company can actually help folks who are at the end.

Thank You,

Thank you!
Posted by Emerson on February 16, 2021

GENTLEMEN thank you it took 7 hours but I recovered my computer not even a comma was missing...let the dopamine flow guys and gals...thank you

well worth the cost!
Posted by Peter on January 30, 2021

I have just got my computer working again with Easy USB creator and Windows 8 Recovery Disk. I think it might have been some Windows updates that I foolishly tried to install that caused my machine to refuse to boot. Many thanks to NeoSmart - well worth the modest cost. Peter S

Posted by Mark on January 30, 2021

Guys and/or Gals, The time stamp on my purchase of your product is 12:49 p on January 14, 2021. It is now 1:35 p on January 14, 2021!!! My Windows 7 Pro System is back online! I am 70 years old and not a computer neophyte!!! I have been trying to repair an errant SSD install of Win 7 PRO on and off for two weeks! Youtube, EAS*.*, and other resources and just before I was about to give up I stumbled across Neosmart! What a great product Win* Recovery Disc!! I had tried several other local machines, all Windows 7 Pro, and always got "This version of Windows Recovery in incompatible with your installation. (multiple computers with Win7 Pro.) $ 40.00 well spent. You go guys! One happy camper here,

Posted by Bodo S on January 28, 2021

Hi. Here my feedback. It works wonderfull. Best tool ever. Tanks a lot !!!

Worked Perfectly - Worth the Money
Posted by Wyatt Chilton on January 2, 2021

I originally was doing a Windows 7 to 10 in-place upgrade. Unfortunately, it was on a bloated HP probook. the in-place upgraded went perfectly until after a windows update then a boot error occurred. I have a feeling the HP bloat software didn't like me poking around. I tried the normally WIN 10 command line fixes and like all IT stuff, it didn't work. With it being an older laptop it had a bunch of software and keys that couldn't be found again. So I took a chance and bought the home windows 10 easyRE and after trying to make 3 different bootable USB's the Easy USB Creator found one it liked. After running through the automated steps the PC booted right away! This saved me a couple of hours of taking it apart and moving files off to do a clean install!

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