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Awesome Product
Posted by Dan on October 27, 2020

I have use this software on three different operating systems and its always worked flawlessly! Loaded it to a bootable disk, put in the drive of the computer i was having issues with and in less than 10 minutes the system was back running fully operational each time. Thank you for an Awesome product!

Works as advertised
Posted by donco87110 on October 2, 2020

My aging Dell laptop running Windows XP suddenly blue screened with 0x00000050 page fault error. Every time I did a cold reboot, it blue screened again. I ran all the bios self-checks and had no hardware issues. I downloaded Easy Recover and burned an .iso boot CD on another computer and booted the laptop and let Easy Recover do its thing. It claimed it fixed a bad .sys file and rebooted. The computer ran chkdsk and found and fixed a few problems. Windows blue screened again, this time with a 0x0000008E error. Ran Easy Recover again and it fixed it. Windows is working fine again. Thank you for a great product. Saved me from a trip to a repair shop and kept all my applications and files intact. Definitely worth the price.

I give up
Posted by Barry W J Chandler on September 30, 2020

Watched the flashing screen process then read the final notice “I give up” or something like that. Boils down to the fact it just didn't work on my laptop.

Saved my Job
Posted by Johann on September 29, 2020

This is really a one click tool, to fix boot issues. Repaired Windows Server 2008 boot issues easily.

Worked very well
Posted by Léopol on September 17, 2020

I bought it to repare the boot process after a misuse with EasyBCD and it worked very well.

Fixes Boot problems
Posted by Roger Fairchild on September 13, 2020

I made the mistake of installing my new SSD while my original hard drive was connected as a second drive. After a fresh install of Windows 10 on the new SSD, it booted up fine but after removing the original drive, the computer would not boot. Apparently, having the old boot drive installed in the computer caused a mixed up bootloader that would only work if the old hard drive was connected. I took a chance and purchased EasyRE and created a bootable CD. I removed the old hard drive from the computer and booted from the EasyRE boot disk. Ran the automatic repair on the new SSD and after the repair, rebooted the computer and it worked!! Much easier than trying to manually fix this issue.

Fixed EFI Dual Boot Issues
Posted by Adam Wilson on August 28, 2020

I was an idiot and tried to install windows on a second drive without unplugging the first one which I found out breaks the original EFI partition. I tried working through online tutorials but none of the suggestions were working. Instead of spending additional hours troubleshooting, I decided to give this software a shot. It was as simple as selecting Auto Repair on the broken partition and a minute or so later, everything was working perfectly. This software is an absolute 10/10 for EFI partition repair. The 20 bucks is definitely worth the saved time and frustration.

I was skeptical about it but it worked
Posted by MarcoPower_ on August 18, 2020

I was skeptical about this tool I tried every method bootrec /fixmbr ecc. Didn't work when I was losing hope and reinstall windows this was my last chance and if it didn't work I just throw 20 bucks away but it worked and my pc booted up.

From Witness To Believer
Posted by Harold A. on July 16, 2020

In late December of 2019, I experienced my first-ever encounter with an indomitable Windows 7 software defect. Every measure and method I personally discovered and is publicly available could not remedy the Windows 7 boot loop. However, I was well aware of NeoSmart's EasyRE repair solution since its appearance during the Windows XP era. But I was doubtful it even still existed or had reached any success in this age of advanced operating systems.

So by January 26, 2020, I had to decide; a painful system reformat or data migration to a new machine. On that same day, no longer than 30 minutes after obtaining the EasyRE ISO file download and writing it to a CD disc, I was again using the Windows 7 PC workstation I was prepared to abandon.

It should now correctly be stated that [good] old habits die hard, after I purchased EasyRE today, July 16, 2020, for an even worse puzzle with an HP, Windows 10 laptop that would not boot to a Windows log-in, could not complete its start-up repair, and failed to complete the system reset and refresh functions. Once again, after EasyRE's brief automatic repair steps, the laptop is in normal use without any trace of the original defect.

So now, I am an EasyRE believer who can accept it may not solve every problem, but has matured enough to be trusted as a valuable field aid.

Count me among your truly grateful recipients, EasyRE Development Team.

Definately Worth The Money
Posted by Tom on July 7, 2020

Thank you so very much!!! Before I bought this tool, my Windows XP machine would boot to a black screen with a message stating: "Error Loading Operating System". After I paid for the tool, it only took me about 15 mins to fix the problem with a system restore. One big heads up: **** After selecting the proper hard drive boot order in the BIOS, give the tool time to load from the USB - approx 2-3 solid minutes may be needed - just be patient. It will work --- trust that!!

Surprisingly worked
Posted by Bryson Hicks on July 2, 2020

Had a error, 0xc000000d Your PC needs to be repaired, preventing booting for windows 8.1. I tried various troubleshooting methods built in, but all of them said that they were unsuccessful. I tired burning a windows recovery disk downloaded directly from microsoft, and still... none of the options worked. I was about to pull the trigger and just do a fresh wipe and install when I saw this product mentioned and thought, “Hey why not? It probably won't work by I can just get a refund when it doesn't work.” I burned the file to a disk and ran the software. Very easy install. Eventually it said that the repair was complete and I could restart my computer. Already planning on having to send an email demanding a refund I clicked the reset button and got distracted working on something else. 5 min later I walked back over to my laptop to check and..... Woah.... there is my welcome screen.... Guess I won't be sending a refund email.

Editor's Note: 

Bryson, unfortunately there are so many scammy fly-by-night operations that have crowded this market that no one really believes us when we say we're nothing like that and our stuff really does work. Glad you took the leap of faith and even more happy that we were able to help!

Doesn't run but not refund
Posted by Victor Herrero on June 27, 2020

Waste of time and money. I did all they tell in their tutorials (a pendrive, 2 or 3 CD's and 1 DVD) and all they told me by email, but i was not able even to make to run the software.

I asked twice for a refund (2 emails) but the second never got an answer. OK, keep my money (it's a small amount, enjoy it), but you should be ashamed to earn money in this way. You did not answer my last email (06/19/2020), what a great support!!

Thank you for nothing.

Order FFB2D7ECCCE63257: Windows 10 Recovery Disc

Best Regards.

Editor's Note: 

Hi Victor. I don't think we received the second email you are referring to. I'm really sorry EasyRE didn't work for you and I've issued you a full refund.

Posted by Jhonaphon on June 16, 2020

works a treat on winows 10

EasyRE is e-a-s-y on a Windows 10 laptop giving me boot issues
Posted by Bob Rawding on June 15, 2020

I was dealing with a Master Boot Record (MBR) problem that was giving me fits. I went to a couple of YouTube videos narrated by internationals whose English wasn't great and the sound quality poor. I tried the manual repairs under the command prompt route and I keep getting messages about errors in the procedures to fix by the elevated command prompt route without much luck. I gave EasyRE a try. Paid the $$ to get the ISO file to burn to a USB stick. They recommend getting Easy USB Creator Lite.exe to make the stick bootable, which I did. I got into the restart mode with the newly made EasyRE run automatically. I was done in about 5 minutes - EasyRE did all of the work while I sat back and read the proceeses underway at each step, It told me that indeed the MBR had errors, which it fixed fast. It told me to pull the USB stick and started right away in a matter of a few seconds. I am sold on this software. Worth every penny of its inexpensive investment. Microsoft - I will don't like you sometimes, but I am not spending a $thousand+ on a Mac. Great product with - for me - a fast and easy fix. :-) :-) and fast loading again.

What a relief!
Posted by Rob K Mishler on June 11, 2020

Computer wouldn't boot, couldn't find original disk, but this fixed it up with 2 mouse clicks! Saved me a lot of time and headache. Thank you!

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