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Browse and Back Up Files

Sometimes, what's more important than fixing your PC is making sure your important files and valuable pictures and videos aren't lost. Priorities are priorities, and making sure your pictures of grandma and your videos of your little ones growing up are safe and sound always comes first.

Before making changes to the system and attempting a recovery, having access to browse your files and make backups of the important ones is integral.

With Easy Recovery Essentials for Windows you can access the contents of your computer even if it fails to start. It's the go-to recovery tool for when Windows fails to load or your computer just showed a blue screen of death error.

You can access your personal files directly from Easy Recovery Essentials using Browse/Backup Files.

File Backup Overview

Backing up your files in EasyRE is quite simple: just select Browse/Backup Files and click Continue:

You can now browse your personal files from your Windows system, and copy them to a removable drive: