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System Restore

Your computer is designed to automatically create system restore points on a semi-daily basis. While not all PCs are configured to take advantage of this, if you're lucky, reverting unwanted changes caused by viruses, user error, or poor software could be as easy as selecting a date and taking your PC back in time.

Restore Windows, keep your files

System Restore points are invaluable as they represent snapshots of system configuration. Unlike restoring a full PC backup, restoring system restore snapshots only affects Windows' configuration. It'll reset your Windows installation to one of the available restore dates, but keep your documents, pictures, media, and other files safe and sound.

Registry Corruption

The Windows registry is susceptible to corruption and infection, whether from viruses, improper/unsafe shutdown, or poorly written software. EasyRE lets you restore your system registry to a working condition, taking care of many of the following issues

  • Blue screens of death (BSODs) at startup
  • Corrupted user profiles
  • Automatic restarts when booting into Windows
  • Reboot loops (Windows never starts)

Driver Issues

Installing new drivers can cause unexpected headache and downtime. Incorrect, buggy, or incompatible drivers can often stop Windows from booting, either causing a blue screen of death, a black screen, a reboot loop, or just a stuck PC. Restoring to a previous date with EasyRE lets you revert to a point prior to installing the new drivers.

System Restore Overview

Restore Windows registry snapshots is easy. When you start it up, EasyRE will show you a list of detected Windows installations:

After selecting a partition, you can choose from a list of restore points:

Easy Recovery Essentials will then create a backup of your current system configuration and begin restoring the selected snapshot: