Easy Recovery Essentials
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Use your PC even when it doesn't work

Just because your PC doesn't work, that doesn't mean you can't use it. We all have important things to do, and with EasyRE, the simple fact that your PC doesn't work won't stop you from using it anyway.

More than 9 times out of 10, problems with computers are actually the result of errors in the operating system or the software. EasyRE doesn't run in Windows and comes with its own complete operating system environment – meaning you can use your PC even if you can't normally get it to boot!

Surf the web from EasyRE

With Easy Recovery Essentials you don't need to rely on another computer to get work done.. You can check your emails, troubleshoot errors and browse your favorite websites right from Easy Recovery Essentials.

Get your work done

Easy Recovery Essentials is the must-have tool for when your computer fails: not only it can fix your PC in minutes using Automated Repair, but you can also use it to get your work done using the modern Internet Browser we've integrated.

Find fixes from the same PC that's currently broken

Having access to the web is essential for finding cures for the more-critical PC problems. With EasyRE, you can look up fixes on the same computer that you're trying to fix. No more going over to a neighbor's or the local library and then running back to try what you've found. Just Google it.

Web Browser Features

EasyRE lets you take care of your everyday needs right from with its repair environment:

Research and find fixes for your problem, on the same PC that wasn't working:

Browse your favorite websites: