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Simply Amazing!
By Christopher C. on May 2, 2013

I had messed up some settings in my computer and i had no computer for about 2 weeks! After asking the geek squad and finding out about their outrageous prices i decided to go it alone. I found the systemdisks website and although i was skeptical, i said heck for 20 bucks i will give it a shot. And low and behold in less than an hour i was back up and running and for only 20 bones! I suggest that anybody with computer issues try this program, you will not be disappointed!

It worked in twenty minutes
By S. Gregory Hopkins on June 11, 2016

EasyRE successfully recovered my Asus X200M Windows 10 laptop after I broke the UEFI boot-loader while installing Fedora to a separate partition. EasyRE fixed in twenty minutes what I could not after a day and a half of running MS repair utilities, rummaging through tech support blogs and poking around in a terminal.

From what I understand my recovered PC has been converted to a MBR volume from here on, but that is a preferable change for my needs as I now have a robust laptop for working with a variety of distros instead of the vulnerable device that I had when I began.

HDD to SSD error
By Neil on April 20, 2017

Bought this product to repair failed HDD to SSD - will not boot error. Tried first time, said partition was corrupt but giving a 1 day break (for my sanity) tried again and I have a full 1 Tb SSD working flawlessly. Best money I ever spent. Tried for 8 days to get computer working, this program fixed it in under 20 minutes.

Like a charm
By Erik on September 22, 2017

Happy customer. In one go your software fixen my pc and cured my insanity.

You really deserve to be congratulated
By Joe Piteo on August 27, 2017

Dear NeoSmart Team,

Absolutely outstanding software. After my 30 years in the software business, I rarely come across a software product that does exactly what is says it will do. Your recovery utility was perfect -- easy to use, clear, and effective. You really deserve to be congratulated.

Thank you very much,

Joe Piteo

Best $99 Investment of the Year
By John Tate on June 7, 2017

WOW! Did what it said it would do. Server was down, will not boot, windows media repair not helping. Spent 3 hours, still no fix. Then, purchased EasyRecovery. A few mouse clicks and 1 hour later my Dell server is up and running.

It will save me hours on future repairs
By Keith on January 19, 2015

Had a failed HD that was cloned. The clone would not boot with a 0XC0000225 error. Tried all the normal fixes using BOOTREC and DiskPart. After 2 hours of failed fixes, found this utility. Thought I'd give it a try. It took a few minutes and fixed the issue. The drive now boots fine and is fully functional. Best $20 utility I've ever used. I can see it will save me hours on future repairs. I was concerned this was a scam or useless utility, but it is the real deal.

It works!
By Szymon Zdunczyk on September 5, 2015

It takes only a few minutes. My system wakes up. Thanks!

Saved my butt
By Zach R on April 16, 2013

Screwed up my wife's computer the day before she needed it for a presentation messing with the partitions. Downloaded the recovery disc and was up and running in minutes.

By Chris Phillips on July 23, 2016

My Primary hard drive was dying so I bought myself a new SSD for my computer and decided to do a fresh install of windows 10. I booted from the DVD I made from an image and set my 2nd boot to the new SSD in the bios (the first was the DVD drive). I left the old drive in so I could take information off of it, even though I made an image of it and put it on a different computer. I then installed Windows 10 Home on the new drive.

Because I am a little bit of a freak on appearance of Windows and I have a lot of programs etc. it took me the better part of a week to get it to where I wanted it. All went well, until the old hard drive failed. To my surprise the Boot Sector must have been on that drive (which I still don't understand why) but no I couldn't boot into Windows. I tried to recover but it said the drive was locked! (short version). I tried Googling the problem on my other computer but nothing seemed to work until I came across a link to this program.

With so many scams out there I was really hesitant to try it out until I discovered that these are the same people that made EasyBCD a program that I had used previously.

I purchased the Professional version and installed it to a USB Drive. Within minutes I was up and running again. This product worked very well for me and I would recommend it, in a heartbeat.

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