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Couldn't get past security
By phil poyer on April 9, 2014

No. Program could not get past security. Waste of money.

Oh ya.....
By Roscoe Beretta on January 14, 2015

If there is a serious issue many BCDEdit (and related) commands need to be run and in a certain order this can be very frustrating. Especially if you use the BCDedit commands infrequently.

Having a very tight schedule when my latest boot problem came about I decided to try EasyRE. I wasn't even sure this particular problem could be fixed and was preparing mentally to attempt a backup recovery.

Within 5 min. of the EasyRE download completing EasyRE had automatically detected the problem and corrected. I was in shock, a good kind of shock and rebooted several times to make sure the issue was completely resolved...which it was.

I'm sold!
By Steve T on July 17, 2013

I’m sold! I disabled too many services on my msconfig boot.ini. That kept the computer from booting up. I invested the $20 into the Vista Recovery Disk and we’re back. YES!!!!!!! One thing you will need is a older wired keyboard and mouse (the round 6 pin). When the Recovery disk is working, the rest of the computer is shut down, ie, USB ports for wireless keyboard/mouse. I am soooooo happy. I was about ready to purchase a new hard drive and step up to Windows 7 (which wouldn’t have been all that bad). I recommend this product!!!!!

BEYOND thrilled!
By Jon D on March 11, 2016

I have to say I was doubtful this was going to be worth my time or money. My PC had crashed and I had a tech guy in. He spent over five hours trying everything and the last resort was going to be to do a refresh install (which I did not want to do). On a whim I figured “\1” NO LIE - two minutes and the software repaired the entire system! I was beyond thrilled.

God God it works!
By mousematt on August 3, 2013

I dithered for hours , thinking I could solve a “\1” error following a BIOS upgrade. Surely I can do this myself and not have to spend $20..?

But no.

Did some back-of-the-envelope calculations, bit the bullet and spent the $20 using Paypal (reasoning I could claim it back if it didn't work). Five minutes later, by jingo, problem solved!

Top marks you chaps. I will spread the word all over Wales for you. And beyond, if I ever go there.

Diolch yn fawr, Matt

By Carol Ryan on March 13, 2017

I tried contacting Support by email, took 2 hours to get a reply. In the mean time I purchased and downloaded the software to repair the laptop. Downloaded the software, did the install and got a message that partition was corrupted and could not access or repair. Wasted $20.00 in less than 30 minutes. Then when I went back to email, there was a support response, asking me to respond to the email again. It has been an hour and still no response. Terrible support and a waste of money! DO NOT PURCHASE.

Partial Success :( :)
By Sathya on April 13, 2013

I tried different ways but didn't help recover my photos:( For some reason, it does not show me the picture folders but it did show videos and documents that I could recover.

It works!
By Szymon Zdunczyk on September 5, 2015

It takes only a few minutes. My system wakes up. Thanks!

It will save me hours on future repairs
By Keith on January 19, 2015

Had a failed HD that was cloned. The clone would not boot with a 0XC0000225 error. Tried all the normal fixes using BOOTREC and DiskPart. After 2 hours of failed fixes, found this utility. Thought I'd give it a try. It took a few minutes and fixed the issue. The drive now boots fine and is fully functional. Best $20 utility I've ever used. I can see it will save me hours on future repairs. I was concerned this was a scam or useless utility, but it is the real deal.

It surely works
By kobus on January 8, 2015

I changed my hard disk and could not startup and got n blue screen.

I run the program once and 6 months of stuggle was gone.

I recommend Easy Recovery Essentials and surely..... It works!

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