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Very fast !
By iacopo on December 2, 2013

Thanks , this is the best product I have tried for repair Windows 7 . Two days losted for to repair the windows boot record after a SSD migration from a WD Hard disk .

I started the “\1” and finally i can see again my windows login ! My system disk DVD was broken in two parts ! Great work my friend . No more error . Awesome product !

What a product
By Mike Karydas on June 25, 2013

Exceptional product. My son's xp system had a bootmgr compressed and would not boot up. Worked on it for a week with no success until I found this tool. From download to burn to full repair less than 15 minutes. Everything on his computer was was intact. All I can say is WOW !!!!

A Life Saver
By George on January 29, 2015

At first I was very dubious that this work. I had tried everything, booting into repair trying various console commands, like bootrec and diskpart. Nothing worked, my partition was showing up as hidden and there was no way I could change it. Fearing for the worst I thought I would have to do a wipe and reinstall. The worst thing was that it happened out of the blue, one day I turned off my computer the next day it wouldn't boot, to rhyme of reason.

Easy Recovery, that I happened to stumble upon was a last ditch attempted. Reluctant to pay $20 (£13) for something that I couldn't guarantee to work, I am really glad I did!

I can not recommend this enough! From purchasing to fixing my system it took less than 10 minutes. If you had tried everything (like me) this was a godsend!

Just one final note to say that I never write reviews and I would like to assure anyone reading this that is a genuine product and this is not one of those sketchy self made reviews. Everything about this 100% genuine!

By Ella on August 16, 2014

I have an ASUS AIO 23 inch that started experiencing BSOD after I installed my FitBit on it. I tried a 64 bit recovery disk, and the Windows Recovery on the computer, and nothing worked. This worked! I couldn't believe it, because I had spent two days on it, and ASUS does not offer the $50 Recovery disk for this model. Thank you! I am so impressed.

Delivered as promised
By David on October 26, 2014

Wow, wow.. at first I thought this was just a gimmick.. True to it's promise, it work on the first try... and I was skeptical and reprogrammed the BCD and BootMgr for 3 hours on my own without success.. Should have spent the $20 in the first place and save me all those headache.

won't bacl up their support
By Peter Keiser on March 5, 2016

February 28th I purchased the windows PRO version for $39.95. I mistakenly thought I was ordering a disk I would get thought the mail. I had contacted neo tech and learned it would come electronically. They didn't mention the time to retrieve it was time sensitive. By the time I looked my order up it had already expired, therefore useless to me. I have been trying to reach them ever since, but they have been ignoring me completely. I'm out $40.00 with still a crashed computer. This is just wrong. If they do respond and this gets fixed I'll make note in a follow up.


Two days later I got the refund.

Retired: Intergrated Circuit Design Engineer
By John Mahoney on March 2, 2016

I have been building and fixing computers for over 40 years. And Easy Recovery Essentials is the best program I have ever used.

I was in the middle of a system restore when the power went out!!! And of course my UPS failed. The hard drive was not doing anything, but it was alive, I put it in an enclosure and connected it to another computer.

I tried everything I could think of, many other programs, and microsoft procedures, but nada!!! Easy Recovery Essentials worked in 15 minutes. Wow!!!!

Without a doubt, this is the best 40 bucks I have ever spent on anything, period!!!

Happy Windows 10 Home User
By James on August 3, 2016

I was desparate, and decided $20 after 3 hours of Google, bootrec, and bcdboot was worth a shot.

Best $20 ever spent -- burned the ISO to a CD, booted (slowly, it's a CD after all), ran the auto repair, and life is good.

This thing really works. Shame I didn't pick it up for free during the Windows 10 TP, but I really didn't plan on having my PC crash/burn the way it did... Highly recommended; as others have said, this is a real world review and recommendation. Do it sooner rather than later -- I wish I had my evening back!

By wes on May 14, 2013

this fixed my computer after i thought it had no hope! Every bit worth the money spent!!

Goes to black screen
By Michael Swann on August 8, 2017

This software DOES NOT WORK! The front end looks nothing like the video and comes up with the error message 'no symbol table'

Not fit for purpose! Refund please!

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