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Blue screen for window vista
By wang wt on April 12, 2017

load the disk from ERE but it did not work at all.waste of money

General Manager United Distributors
By Michael Jahnke on March 2, 2016

Did not work and I ordered it on 2/24/2016. Thought it would fix my problem and would sure like to get my money back. Order Number 9648961E7F909902. Put it on my PayPal account. Thought sure it would fix my computer.

By Milton H on March 3, 2015

You are AWESOME. I had given to me a toshiba laptop with no external backup or DVD and only its factory installed partitions. The corruption of windows 8.1 made it try to autorepair, and it would run for hours getting no where. I couldn't access Safemode even using the DVD, when i eventually made one, on boot. The Toshiba just kept loading the T/WIn8 spinning dots icon & wouldn't let me access a command prompt so i tried & I tried & I TRIED .... other live disks and online forum tips then i struck GOLD with EasyRE... The BEST $50 i've spent this week. GREAT STUFF GUYS!!!!!!!

It works!
By Dave Fisher on August 18, 2017

I wasted four hours trying to fix my Wifes Windows 8 boot drive. EasyRE did it in four minutes. Stop wasting time and let EasyRE fix it.

By Bruce B on April 5, 2017

I was a little sceptical but after I burned the disc and inserted it in the dvd player it went to work in a few minutes. It took about 45 minutes but I didn't loose any files and now my hewlet packard pc runing like new. Thank you very much for saving me alot of money.

just an average joe
By john k on March 4, 2015

I recommend you read the guides before purchasing. In addition to the RE software, you need to download their program to make your USB bootable, and follow their instructions. At first, it didn't boot, reinstalled it again and got it going. Auto repair didn't fix registry problem but I got it to a restore point from previous week and now it works. All in all it works.

By Ed Bradwell on April 1, 2014

Thanks for an excellent and well thought out Repair tool !

Downloaded the files without any problem and the additional “\1” and info in the confirmation email is also vey useful and an ideal source of further information !

Just a point that may come in habdy for anyone with a newer Asus laptop or desktop that may well have the new “\1” system instead of the older and more familiar BIOS on board !

After burning the EasyRE image to disk and setting my “\1” to select the Optical drive as the 1st. Boot option ....I found on restart of my new Asus laptop that the system still booted into Windows 8.1 and still bypassed the “\1” !

I immediately assumed that the UEFI process was probably not allowing sufficient time for the correct boot order process to initiate and I found that by going into “\1” mode via the F2 key on an Asus..... and then disabling “\1” and enabling the" CSM " mode and then Save and Exit via F10 ......the afore mentioned process then allowed the EasyRE to boot and offer the full list of options ! Thanks for a great tool and a secure and safe purcasing experience !

Worked Great
By Scott on September 8, 2017

I purchased this product to give it a try, I spent several hours trying to get a computer to boot, but it would not work. I felt spending $20 was well worth it even if it didn't fix the problem. I started the automated repair and came back after lunch, rebooted the computer and everything is working! It might not work for everyone and every issue, but for $20 it was well worth the try!!

I'm sold!
By Steve T on July 17, 2013

I’m sold! I disabled too many services on my msconfig boot.ini. That kept the computer from booting up. I invested the $20 into the Vista Recovery Disk and we’re back. YES!!!!!!! One thing you will need is a older wired keyboard and mouse (the round 6 pin). When the Recovery disk is working, the rest of the computer is shut down, ie, USB ports for wireless keyboard/mouse. I am soooooo happy. I was about ready to purchase a new hard drive and step up to Windows 7 (which wouldn’t have been all that bad). I recommend this product!!!!!

Great Utility
By tony s on October 10, 2014

my wife has a toshiba laptop with windows 7 ..

I have a pc with windows 8.1 (ugh!HATE 8.1, HATE MS). recently, wife's laptop would not boot up (Safe Mode F2, F8, F12 etc). and unfortunately, she did not have a repair or recovery disc. I couldn't create a repair disc with my windows 8.1 PC (you would like to think that MS would offer a solution .. so thank you MS ... and to know that B. Gates is the richest man in the country just infuriates me).

TO THE POINT, Purchased your download and the laptop is operating as advertised. Best 20 bucks I have spent in a long time. ANYONE ELSE OUT THERE WITH SIMILAR ISSUE< DON"T HESITATE TO PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT>

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