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Great Product
By Rob Broadbent on August 20, 2015

After spending all day attempting to repair my Windows 7 PC utilising various methods described on the net I came across a link in a post to EasyRE. I thought I had nothing to lose so purchased it. Fixed my PC within 10 minutes. The best $20 spent for sure.

EasyRy windows 7 repair Disc
By Keval Pitroda on September 19, 2016

Useful for Independent Employees or Workers (IT/None-IT) who are helpless due to IT knowledge. Need to add some more features for better experience or delighted feeling.

Sound Engineer
By Travis on October 7, 2013

Just bought this program. The features are amazing. Very simple to deal with and navigate. Neosmart will be referred to all my friends. I usually don't leave reviews but after my computer disk driver problems got fixed with this program, I can't help but thank them.

Best recovery tool on the internet by far. $40 for the pro is a steal for what it can do.

Like many people that come across sites like this that claim to do a lot but always fall short, I was skeptical. But I looked around the web for reviews on the legitimacy of his site. Gave her a shot and they stand true to their word.

Kudos to neosmart Easy RE!!

Repaired VMware Fusion install of Win7
By Tim D on June 9, 2017

I had managed to destroy the MBR of my Windows 7 Virtual Machine which was running under VMWare Fusion on my Mac.

I had no idea where to put my hands on the original install disk, and if I did, getting the Virtual Machine to boot from a USB DVD drive was not going to be a walk in the park. A bit of Googling brought me to Neosmart EasyRE. I was able to download the EasyRE.iso file and tell Fusion to boot using that .iso as the startup disk.

I clicked the auto fix button and the problem had repaired itself in literally seconds. EasyRE rebuilt the MBR and I was able to boot into Windows again. Brilliant!! Many thanks - great to see a product work as described on the box.

Cheers Tim - Adelaide, Australia.

Fixed my Windows 7 boot file
By Unbelievable on March 25, 2015

My Dell laptop was "updating", one of those Windows updates that seem to pop up all the time. So I finally let it go ahead and do the update.... update.... update. I thought it was done since it went back to the login screen. Well, I think the plan was for me to log back in and let it continue it's updates. Needless to say, I needed to do something else besides watch it so I closed the laptop at the login screen. Bad idea. The best I could get was a blinking underscore on a black screen. F8 didn't work (safe mode). I looked and looked on the web, tried all different kinds of options. Nothing worked. Even tried the re-installation CD, did a start-up repair, system recovery, everything I could try. I finally bought this EasyRE online and it somehow fixed it. I don't know how, can't explain it, but it got everything back the way it was. I'm impressed.

didn t down load
By joyce on September 26, 2017

i tryed for a long time to down load and burn did not happen and no one to help. was of $20.00 and a lot of my time, and i m no on my computer its still not working no help no happy !

Editor's Note: 

Support is available by emailing easyre@neosmart.net at any time. Please contact us, we're waiting to help!

Holly molly! Fixed corrupt SSD Windows boot sector
By Emre on January 9, 2018

I've been trying literally all day to fix my boot sector error, I bought this and tried the Automated repair and BAM LIKE MAGIC, it works, and I didn't lose any of my precious files! Woooooooooooo!

Thank you so much!

It was awesome
By Chris on October 29, 2014

Spent $20.00 for a system that was completely crashed, Once I figured out how to get it to work it was awesome as I am typing this review on a recovered HDD. Had to get msconfig. to redo all services but no biggie.. Completely happy now and I'd recommend this to anyone with a crashed PC that is caused by this programs description.

FINALLY!!! Something that really works!!!
By Ed on June 22, 2016

I said to heck with it and risked the 20 bucks, but it worked flawlessly, I got the boot error after resetting my USB drivers and this neosmartmedia Auto repair worked like a charm on my Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 Dell XPS laptop.

Good job and thank you
By Kevin W. on October 20, 2014

Had an old vista running computer to use for our broadcast system. Took it back to the office and did an update on it... Wow - what a mess. The system stayed on for all night and got hung up on a reboot / system update configuration loop. Tried everything i know. Happen to find these guys advertised on another site... Was skeptical, but the 19.00 was a good investment to see if we could get it back.

Guess what - It worked and it was easy to use! My computer is fixed and ready to go back to work next Sunday in the Tech Booth at church!

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