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just an average joe
By john k on March 4, 2015

I recommend you read the guides before purchasing. In addition to the RE software, you need to download their program to make your USB bootable, and follow their instructions. At first, it didn't boot, reinstalled it again and got it going. Auto repair didn't fix registry problem but I got it to a restore point from previous week and now it works. All in all it works.

amazing, worked - very sceptical initially
By Carl Sweden on March 26, 2016

Bought a bigger SSD (samsung EVO 500 gb), first cloned woth the samsung software - couln't get the clone to boot. New attempt,used MiniTool to clone the old partition to the new. However, the new SSD was not activated, which was done with easyBCD 2.4. Unfortunately, I could boot only with the old disc (I think because of the uEFI, which I have). Then disaster struck, using the win7s repair tool (and both SSDs connected), I lost “\1” whatsoever, just the error message failed to boot and Oxc000000f.

However, having created a disc image on USB using the easy USB creator and purchased the easyRE for Win 7, I disconnected the old SSD (leaving only the newly cloned 500 gb SSD still connected) and booted with the easyRepair tool. And in a blink (a restart) the darn thing worked like charm, with the new bigger SSD working, and the computer working exactly as with the previous smaller one, as was the intention. Day saved, to say the least.

Well done on a great job
By Mike on August 23, 2015

I don’t usually leave comments as most free give-aways are just a con, however, this time it requires one.

I have windows 10 and had a black screen of death it would not load at all. I downloaded the free recovery dvd on my windows 64 bit machine. I then burnt it to dvd and used it on my 32 bit windows10 machine and in 20 mins my computer was restored to its usual self. I cant thank you enough. Well done on a great job.

By the way I am not a computer engineer just a novice who likes to play with computers so anybody can use this disk with just a little knowledge. Thanks again for saving me hours rebooting.

server 2012 page fault in nonpaged area
By Graham on February 7, 2017

This product doesnt do anything. Do not waste your money. They make it seem like itll save the day and yet still now doesnt seem to give you anymore functionality that a windows server 2012 r2 operating system disk. i give it a 0/10 :(

Rip Off
By Donna Caissie on March 27, 2016

The Windows XP Recovery Disk put my laptop into a continuous loop of bootmgr is missing and then the machine tries to reboot only to go back to the message bootmgr is missing. Neosmart wants me to waste more time by calling their tech support. I've since replaced the machine, and all I want from Neosmart is my money back.

Saved my PC!
By Mike Z on November 20, 2014

My computer was slowing down so I foolishly installed a registry defragger with hopes to speed it up. Next time I restarted I got disk errors, windows errors, and the computer was in a state of infinite reboots and blue screens. The Windows repair disk was worthless and found no errors. I thought that all was lost and I would have to wipe and start from scratch when someone linked to this software from some random forum when I was researching cures. I had never heard of the product before, but figured that I might as well try it out as a last chance, fortunately I was able to use a friend's PC to burn the image. I get home, run the recovery tool, and within 30 minutes I'm back into Windows like nothing happened. Amazing!

The most surprising thing is that this program is relatively unknown, but I'll definitely be recommending it to anyone who has serious problems with Windows!

Really Saved my Axx!
By Robert on April 28, 2013

We were a bit skeptical, but figured we had nothing to lose... Paid the fee, downloaded and used the imaged CD we created. The tool did allow us to get into the Toshiba System recovery file where we were able to burn a copy of our vital files to DVD and then allowed us to reboot the computer to “\1” condition. Reloaded the data files and we were back in business! Much thanks!

Great product saved me tons of time
By Simon C on July 6, 2013

I thought I write a brief review on this since I was skeptical at first but it fixed my issues and I had to do it justice.

My computer was hit with a MBR issue after using a cleanup program which messed it up.

  1. 0x00000f BCD error (black Screen)
  2. Windows recovery failed to work (incompatible version ?!?)
  3. Diskpart could not set the drive to active in command prompt
  4. BCD Rebuild failed to work as drive was locked out

I was pretty much out of options and I came across this software, so I thought I try it out since the last option was re install which I would hate.

And truly enough 10 mins of running the software the automatic repair fixed whatever issue and the computer booted as per normal.

So if your at your wits end, give this a shot. It worked for me and I hope it will for you.

Life saver!
By Trevor on April 29, 2016

I am on my knees with thanks for the repair to my computer. I must admit that I was sceptical initially and then full of remorse when the screen displayed what looked like an infra red image with some undecypherable box in the top left corner of the screen. The lack of any perceived activity for quite some time was alarming. Voila after finally working out what the message in the box was telling me and rebooting I'm back to normal. Thank you so much and worth every cent of the $20 dollars for the download.

Worked perfectly first time
By Dave C on October 18, 2017

Fixed a Windows 7 laptop with boot errors that Windows repair tools couldn't fix and a system image restore didn't fix. Brilliant, easy to use and worth every penny. Thank you!

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