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EasyRE saved the day
By Jeff on March 1, 2014

I installed a new motherboard and processor into my computer and I got an error stating I needed to re-install windows. The computer would not go any further than that. I was able to get into bios and change my boot order and using this CD I was able to get my computer to load windows normally so I could back up my files for work. Now I can work on my websites again! Highly recommended. Whoever invented this CD deserves my $40. THANK YOU

-JD (Jeff)

Well worth the $$
By William M. on March 7, 2013

I just down loaded my copy of Windows Vista Recovery Disc. At first I went to Microsoft for help of course they were of no help.Then I went to HP and of course they were of no help unless you spend $$. The problem that I had was an error on my HP laptop.Error message OXcOOOO14c missing or corrupt registry file missing.Well I burned the Recovery Disc and followed the instructions and was able to reboot and get every thing the way it was in the first try.I want to thank you very much this was well worth the $$ Thanks again

Thank you!!!
By Rita on July 25, 2013

OMG!! Thank you so much, you are life savers, I have been able to reboot my computer after days of worry, all my files are there, and you have saved me from fully re- install of everything,

thanky ou so much for your email support, I really am very grateful.

Regards, a happy Rita

Fixd completely trashed Windows 10 with dual booting
By Martin Wright on October 19, 2015

After trying other tools which said they would fix my breaking of BCDEDIT boot manager on my Windows 10 Laptop with the new security boot manager. The other failed and hour have been wasted.

I decided to buy and try EasyRE. Guess what it took around 20 minutes to buy download and burn to USB with there own Easy ISO to USB. The software found a backup of a couple of days ago and I was back up and running within 20 minutes.

Worth the money as it will no doubt be used again and again with windows 10.

Saved me hours of troubleshooting
By MikeM on September 4, 2014

Great utility has saved me hours of troubleshooting

Solved big problems
By Piet Huisman on January 6, 2015

Windows Vista started only with the repair-advise screen: --last correct startup --safe mode
and so on. But every option ended with corrupted registry. It was a pre-installed Vista system, so I could not use the original Windows DVD.

I tried the recovery essentials, and after 20 minutes I was able to restart Windows without any problem. !

Delivered as promised
By David on October 26, 2014

Wow, wow.. at first I thought this was just a gimmick.. True to it's promise, it work on the first try... and I was skeptical and reprogrammed the BCD and BootMgr for 3 hours on my own without success.. Should have spent the $20 in the first place and save me all those headache.

Perhaps it is good
By Pieter Huisman on December 15, 2014

The greatest problem is, that you have to buy before installing it. In my case, the program did not install: keayboard and mouse were frozen. I reported it to Neosmart and after a couple of days I received a new download-key. I tried again, and now the installation was complete. But, in the meanwhile I had installed the free EasyBcd boot program from the same company. And this program showed me the real problem: the driveletter of the bootfile was wrong; with EasyBcd I changed the driveletter, and that was the solution. I have no idea if EasyRE would have repaired my problem. So I cannot tell if this program also works for me. In any case: EasyBcd did the job for me.

By Bill on September 13, 2013

Bloody hell, that's a nice little utility. It's done the trick on an urgently needed Lenovo laptop which went tits up after 25 MS updates failed to install properly (not the Automatic Repair option, although that did move things along, but the System Restore option, which found an earlier Restore Point that all the various Windows tools had totally failed to find and put things back they way they wuz!).

Bravo - BIG recommendation from me anytime!

By Rollo Fox on May 17, 2013


Easy Recovery Essentials worked to fix my Windows 7 that refused to load. After four frustrating days of trying everything I could think of, EasyRE saved the day. The download and installation went smoothly. The instructions were clear and complete.

Strangely, it was “Restore to a Previous Point” that solved the problem. Strangely, because the date of the “previous point” was two days after Windows 7 first stopped loading. But I’m not complaining.

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