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By William on May 17, 2017

Simply the worse program ever.

Fixed MBR Error 3 with ease.
By Gerritt on January 2, 2015

On one of our computers uing Windows 7 Ultimate.

Fixed MBR Error 3 with ease.

By Graham - DMS SERVICES INC on February 8, 2017

My server with a Raid controller crashed and was giving page fault errors. After figuring out that my raid controller died, i tried a similar one i had in my office. Hooked up the raid 1 drives(mirror) booted the server 2012 version of easy repair.

It could now see my partitions. tried system restore and luckily there was a restore point from the day before. Ran the restore. Rebooted my server and HOLY AWESOME is came back!

I give this program 10/10. Good job whoever made this. Saved me a PILE of time. This is a real review. I am not a paid reviewer. If your machine wont start i recommend giving this software a try! Thanks again!

Many thanks
By Wynn S on July 1, 2013

I rescued my data and was able to restore my computer to its factory settings. Many thanks for a great product

Fixed my BCD error
By Omar on December 9, 2013

My Laptop had a bcd 0x000000d error and I tried using the Windows DVD tools for Win8 and using the cmd for hours. It took me a whole day but in vain. Was going to check for the technical support or re-install windows if it weren't for being on holiday. However, I used EasyRE and amazingly after repairing the windows partition I was able to re-boot to windows normally.

2 days of hell
By Rob on December 22, 2015

2 days of hell, fixed in 2min..... The worst thing is none of the MS tools worked either at command line level, or the recovery options not even MS tech support could not help.

I admit I was very sceptical, but wow.

Well done guys, great product.



Didn’t work for me
By Ken B. on November 7, 2017

Had high hopes after reading the reviews. Was getting BSOD at boot after uninstalling Avast. Nothing I tried repaired the problem. Found EasyRE while google searching for a solution. I downloaded the iso and installed it on a usb stick. I booted from the USB stick and followed the directions. It said the problem was fixed but when I rebooted I still got the BSOD.

Didn't fix my pc
By winston83 on September 25, 2012

I bought this thinking I could use it to reinstall windows on my computer. I had an infection due to my computer being hacked and some viruses, and i formatted the drive. But it turns out this CD can only fix a windows installation but cant be used to install a new one. At least they gave me a refund.

Better than Microsoft
By Andre on November 5, 2017

ASUS not even MICROSOFT tech support could get my PC to boot. One simple download of EASY RE, I burned the image to CD and booted my PC from the disk. IT FIXED EVERY WINDOWS 10 ISSUE I HAD ON MY PC! Easy to use and effective hands down! LIFE SAVER!

invalid arch-independent ELF magic
By John Lomas on June 18, 2017

I just bought Easy Recovery for Windows 7 Professional, downloaded the .iso, burned a CD and tried it. It did not boot properly and gives the error "invalid arch-independent ELF magic". I tried burning with a different tool, same result. Clicking on your “\1” button only opens an empty Chrome browser. Can you please provide some support? What is wrong? How can this ELF magic error be corrected? Thanks for some quick help! jonixima@gmail.com

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