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Best value for a dollar
By DHF on October 10, 2015

This is the best value for a dollar you will ever receive. I had major problems and the repair process was complicated and long running but they stuck with me through the entire ordeal. Neosmart can be a little slow in getting back to you but they always do and there solutions are amazing. Thanks very much. I could not recommend them more strongly.

System restore worked great!
By Michael Rohr on May 2, 2016

I had my win 7 pro platform stuck in auto update mode and failure message. I looked online and found neosmart. I found the instructions very easy and my recovery USB drive worked a treat. Its well worth the money considering the cost of going to a computer repair place. The system auto fix did not work for me so I use the restore function in it and found there is prob something wrong with my HDD. I was able to do a system restore and get it up and running like it was prior to downloading the updates. HIGHLY recommended for an affordable and very quick fix.

Great Product
By Tom Helinski on July 2, 2017

I recently attempted to clone my drive to a larger size. The cloning apparently went well but when I went to check out and swap - I got the boot sector error. I had a rescue disk prepared at the start with my cloning software but it did not/was not able to repair the boot sector issues. I searched the web as well as looking at Utube videos and this is where I found the one on EasyRE.


I downloaded the Win 10 version and followed the procedure described - and within 10 min. my boot sector issue was corrected. This was after sweating it out over the past 48 hours about how to resolve the problem.

I highly recommend this product, it is money well spent. In addition, I've learned my lesson about periodically creating a rescue disk for my operating system as well. I originally had Win 7 and upgraded to Win 10 through download so I did not have an installation disk that would work.

Thanks again, EasyRE for a great,straightforward product that delivered what it promised.

Tom Helinski

This disk did the trick!
By Art on September 2, 2013

Had and acer laptop with Linux on it and needed to pass it on to a Family member with the original Windows Vista. Used Gparted to reformat the drive in NTFS and used recovery disks but GRUB came up. Could not remove GRUB with anything. This disk did the trick. Ran autorepair, rebooted and Windows Vista is running like a new PC now. Thanks!

Had to reload OS
By Rob Michaelis on October 30, 2016

Tech support tried to help but in the end I had to strip and reload the OS software to the PC.

Happy Happy Joy Joy!!
By Reg on August 1, 2014

I've been having trouble with my laptop ever since the most recent Windows update. Today it suddenly froze up completely and I couldn't get it to reboot properly. Everything I tried ended with a black screen and no further progress. Several hours of frustration and I was ready to toss the computer in the trash....or against the nearest wall.

Fortunately my husband found this program and we figured we had nothing to lose. It WORKED!! Easy and quick....can't believe it was so easy. I'm a happy camper. :)

Life Saver
By Charles on April 21, 2013

You Guys are Truly Awesome!!!Great Recovery Disc for my Windows7 32bit system...after installing incompatible software which corrupted the program..Windows7 would never start ..now its working perfectly!!...THANK YOU

Really Saved my Axx!
By Robert on April 28, 2013

We were a bit skeptical, but figured we had nothing to lose... Paid the fee, downloaded and used the imaged CD we created. The tool did allow us to get into the Toshiba System recovery file where we were able to burn a copy of our vital files to DVD and then allowed us to reboot the computer to “\1” condition. Reloaded the data files and we were back in business! Much thanks!

Does not work
By Komal on May 7, 2016

windows xp is stuck in txtsetup.sif and this was a waste of money as it is doesn't have anything to boot the OS first

Editor's Note: 

EasyRE does not repair problems with Windows XP setup, only with actual, existing Windows XP installations.

Better than GeekSquad
By Amanda Z. on January 28, 2013

This recovery disc has saved me so much money and time. I know there are companies out there like Geeksquad and such. When I went to them, they wanted to charge me $100 and keep my computer for 2-3 days. I feel better knowing that I can fix my laptop myself if I run into problems in the future. Thanks! Great product.

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