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It works Prefect for me
By Victor Z on October 26, 2015

While i was trying window 10, one day my PC stop working.I tried to fix by myself and i could do it. I tried the recovered USB it did no work. My Hard Drive was fine because i was able to see in DOS mode but i could not copy all my files so i was ready to wipe off my hard drive and i found this software and i took the decision to tried and work. In my opinion while your hard drive is fine this program is going to work for you.

Status 0x0000225
By Syed on February 22, 2016

This download is worth it! I followed the directions, which were straight to the point. I burned the ISO image to a CD & performed an “\1” I almost lost all my info, & was thinking to reformat my machine. Instead I found this software & it helped recover & repair my machine in about 20 minutes! I would recommend this to everyone! Thanks again neosmart!

It really works
By Sam on October 15, 2014

It really works, tried a number of boot discs that didn't work and spent a lot of money

You guys need a medal for developing this recovery disc. I'm still amazed how easy it worked. The Gateway recovery disc's wouldn't work either.



Win-Vista, MBR damaged, bought EasyRE. Doesn't work.
By Karl H on October 6, 2016

Bought it, downloaded, installed to USB drive using Rufus. Error re: Grub, tried both options provided, writes files to USB drive but the drive will not boot, gives Grub error. Since no helpful error messages are produced (it crashes immediately on booting), I don't know what to do next. Waste of money & time. I can still boot Vista using HiremCD chainloader4grub so my data is fine, just the MBR appears to be hosed. EasyRE does not appear to be very useful.

By Dcantrell on April 26, 2014

I was hesistant like others, but I have to say after exhausting all methods known to me to correct unmountable_boot_disk I was able to fix it with this program in a matter of a few seconds. I was so ready to go out and buy a new hard drive along with operating system. Thank god I decided to plop this $20 down is saved me hundreds!

Saved my @$$
By Malcolm on June 16, 2017

I came home to discover a BSOD on my PC 2 days before a deadline. After trying everything I could find on YouTube and about to rip out all the cables and take it to Memory Express to spend god know how much and wait however long......I somehow came across EasyRE.

I bought it without thinking and quickly made the boot USB using their creator on another PC. It was easy enough anyone could do it. AND IT WORKED ON THE FIRST TRY!

I am forever grateful.

This worked!
By Roman on November 17, 2015

I had just messed up my computer really badly, and it wouldn't boot up. Luckily, I came across this program. Thanks to their easy tutorials, my computer was able to run again! Way cheaper than buying a recovery disk from other companies.


By Graham - DMS SERVICES INC on February 8, 2017

My server with a Raid controller crashed and was giving page fault errors. After figuring out that my raid controller died, i tried a similar one i had in my office. Hooked up the raid 1 drives(mirror) booted the server 2012 version of easy repair.

It could now see my partitions. tried system restore and luckily there was a restore point from the day before. Ran the restore. Rebooted my server and HOLY AWESOME is came back!

I give this program 10/10. Good job whoever made this. Saved me a PILE of time. This is a real review. I am not a paid reviewer. If your machine wont start i recommend giving this software a try! Thanks again!

Did its job
By Bill on February 28, 2014

Your software has already done its job. My Vista Pro took a nose this morning and it's an important computer in my daily operation. Within ten minutes, I was back up and running.

Amazing product by amazing people!
By Joseph Kanyua on February 7, 2014

Even losing a few hours work when my hard disk suddenly crashed meant a lot.

As a Computer Security Expert, I was really skeptical about your product. I took a chance and it worked beyond my expectations

True to your word, it is an Amazing product - by amazing people!

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