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100% Recommended and Trusted
By Kim M on September 2, 2014

I am one who relies heavily on reviews of products before using them, free or paid. For this reason I felt it necessary to express how grateful I am for finding this company. Mark was not only knowlegeable about his products and all my questions, but went above and beyond what I expected in the way of customer service. He kept me informed and sent me the correct version to download when I picked the wrong one. When that one didn't seem to completely fix my problem he sent me another download that did!!! All at no extra charge! I don't know of any other company that would do that. His emails were worded and arranged to make it easy for me to follow and I appreciate his kindness also. If you are considering buying a NeoSmart product I recommend them highly. I say go for it, you won't be sorry!

This product actually worked!!!
By Simon Butler on February 25, 2016

Great product.

Fixed Windows 7 startup issues in 5 minutes. I was really surprised.

Value for money and money well spent!

A Happy Dance
By dzparker on January 6, 2013

You would have had a huge laugh if you saw the extended happy-dance i broke into when your EasyRE recovery software brought my vista back to lift after what seemed to be a boot problem brought on by me powering up the vaio with no battery installed, just external power. I ran your software and to my total delight the system booted, thanks for that and the software which looks like it could offer many capabilities, but first i have to determine what happened next and how to get that happy-dance going again. This is an amazing;y powerful tool that puts to shame the people behind the vulnerability and absence of disk recovery methods. Bill's nobal deeds will never make up for crippling compter users and making them dependent and powerless. Thanks so much for your help. Can you help me further and answer some questions about certain capabilities such as network setup which is password protected, and running vista programs in your environment?

Much appreciated and i will spread the word about this amazing recovery/xtrnl-os(?) tool.. now can i advertise your products.

By John K on March 20, 2014

Wow! I'm so glad I found your software. Things were looking bad. I downloaded the ERE and burned to disk. Not sure what I was doing. After a few explorations into the F2 boot setup area and selecting the boot by disk. It works! Brilliant. Well worth the 40$. Thanks Again. John K.

a trap
By Jack on May 4, 2017

it does nothing, it is just a trap.

An excellent software solution
By Kevin B. on January 25, 2013

Your software repaired all the issues on my Dell Laptop computer!

When the repairs were complete it offered the regular sign on screen and requested the password - which it accepted.

All user files were as they should be and I am very happy. I'm going to tell others how well this worked my me.

Best $99 Investment of the Year
By John Tate on June 7, 2017

WOW! Did what it said it would do. Server was down, will not boot, windows media repair not helping. Spent 3 hours, still no fix. Then, purchased EasyRecovery. A few mouse clicks and 1 hour later my Dell server is up and running.

By Victor Filepp on May 13, 2014

I will be happy to change my review, but right now I cannot use this at all. When this boots it does not recognize the mouse or keyboard on my computer and is therefore completely useless. Hopefully the tech support paople will get my email and provide a fix.

hard drive just stopped working?
By David on January 15, 2016

I downloaded this program and burnt it to a blank cd. I booted it up on my broken pc and it worked it took a little while but my pc is good now. thank you.

Fixed, for the most part. :)
By Guilty Pirate on January 7, 2017

TL;DR - EasyRE works. Saved my life!

I'll be honest: I torrented a crack version of EasyRE in hopes of fixing my laptop. I accidentally deleted the System Reserved partition thinking that I had correctly copied it over (guess I didn't). The thing didn't work and thankfully nothing bad happened; the screen just showed an X.

I could have fixed it myself if given enough time, but I was seriously in a pinch because I needed a solution ASAP. I paid the $20 USD (I'm Canadian, so it's a bit more... but oh well) through credit card, downloaded the file, ran NeoSmart's Easy USB Creator to load EasyREf onto a USB, popped the USB into my unbootable laptop, booted the USB and ran EasyRE... I was so nervous waiting for all the checks and stuff to complete as it does take awhile (especially if you're in a hurry). But the wait was well worth it and the laptop booted into windows!

It works and everything now, but unfortunately I was hit with a "This copy of Windows is not genuine". But as a mighty pirate, that's certainly my fault ... anyway, EasyRE works and that's what's important. :) Worth the money! I'm glad I paid.

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