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Saved the Day!!!
By Win8Nightmare on October 29, 2015

Downloaded the Windows 8 Recovery Disk after trying everything, couldn't even use startup recovery discs, and it saved the day!
Initial problem: HP Touchsmart 600 windows 7 upgraded to 8.1 Blank screen after the logo Eventually turned into a blue screen error code Completely locked out

Windows 8 Recovery walked me through the process with a user friendly interface. Geek Squad initially wanted to reformat the drive and reinstall the windows platform $$$.

Thanks again NEOSMART!!! You are NEOSMART!!

Great Product
By Trev Smith on March 29, 2016

Spent a whole evening trying to sort out a boot problem and then a sleepless night worrying how I was going to sort out the problem - the next morning at 6am through weary eyes stumbled on this product in the vain hope it might work I gave it a try - 30 minutes later after trying to get my Toshiba laptop to boot from the right drive - success and a very relieved me! Thanks

Excellent Product
By Nick H on January 17, 2015

Excellent product – I was unable to fix my Dell Vista laptop using Microsoft Windows utilities.

I purchased your software and quickly repaired my disk using the automated fix option. Very impressive, easy to use and you have saved me a lot of money and heartache!

Thanks – I would recommend this software to anyone with similar problems.

To answer a few of the questions below in recent comments:

– it’s not a copy of Windows its a disk repair program – you need to burn the ISO file to a DVD or USB, instructions are on this site; also an ISO file is not a sign that Chrome has incorrectly download a file its a standard file type for a disk image – RTFM! – it won’t work a USB wireless mouse, well it didn’t recognise mine but you don’t require a mouse to start the fix – find or borrow an old keyboard and plug it in!

By Bill Ruschmeyer on November 15, 2013

An Outstanding, unbelievable, superb piece of software and truly a lifesaver!! I cannot say enough only that is the best $20 investment I have ever made. Simple yet completely thorough in what it does.

I would recommend this to any PC user young,old,experienced or inexperienced. I will purchase the Windows 8 version 'just in case.'I cannot foresee anyone giving this software a bad review. It does exactly as advertised, and is by far the easiest software I have come across.

Sound Engineer
By Travis on October 7, 2013

Just bought this program. The features are amazing. Very simple to deal with and navigate. Neosmart will be referred to all my friends. I usually don't leave reviews but after my computer disk driver problems got fixed with this program, I can't help but thank them.

Best recovery tool on the internet by far. $40 for the pro is a steal for what it can do.

Like many people that come across sites like this that claim to do a lot but always fall short, I was skeptical. But I looked around the web for reviews on the legitimacy of his site. Gave her a shot and they stand true to their word.

Kudos to neosmart Easy RE!!

Thank you very much EasyRE team
By Ailene Mora on September 15, 2016

I have window 8 for a year now. I have been having problem to boot after putting it on standby. I tried and tried and tried to understand what went wrong, read all kinds of websites and forum concerning my problem.I did not see anything that could help my laptop.

Just when I was about to give up, I found EasyRE Neo Smart Tech. Few minutes ago I paid and downloaded window 8 version. I plug my USB few seconds later into my computer and it works, My computer is back to normal.

I will recommend EasyRE for anyone who has laptop problem. Once again thank you very much EasyRE team, well done.

I can't believe it worked
By Craig on February 12, 2014

I had recently cloned my harddrive to a larger one, and Windows 8 broke. I tried following instructions on the internet, about doing bootrec etc etc, and it didn't work. As a last resort i bought this disc and it fixed the problem within minutes. Im abit speechless really.

General Manager United Distributors
By Michael Jahnke on March 2, 2016

Did not work and I ordered it on 2/24/2016. Thought it would fix my problem and would sure like to get my money back. Order Number 9648961E7F909902. Put it on my PayPal account. Thought sure it would fix my computer.

It works Prefect for me
By Victor Z on October 26, 2015

While i was trying window 10, one day my PC stop working.I tried to fix by myself and i could do it. I tried the recovered USB it did no work. My Hard Drive was fine because i was able to see in DOS mode but i could not copy all my files so i was ready to wipe off my hard drive and i found this software and i took the decision to tried and work. In my opinion while your hard drive is fine this program is going to work for you.

By James Chigbu on February 8, 2015

This totally works thanks a lot

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