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A Life Saver
By George on January 29, 2015

At first I was very dubious that this work. I had tried everything, booting into repair trying various console commands, like bootrec and diskpart. Nothing worked, my partition was showing up as hidden and there was no way I could change it. Fearing for the worst I thought I would have to do a wipe and reinstall. The worst thing was that it happened out of the blue, one day I turned off my computer the next day it wouldn't boot, to rhyme of reason.

Easy Recovery, that I happened to stumble upon was a last ditch attempted. Reluctant to pay $20 (£13) for something that I couldn't guarantee to work, I am really glad I did!

I can not recommend this enough! From purchasing to fixing my system it took less than 10 minutes. If you had tried everything (like me) this was a godsend!

Just one final note to say that I never write reviews and I would like to assure anyone reading this that is a genuine product and this is not one of those sketchy self made reviews. Everything about this 100% genuine!

Can't download!
By Nan Engen on July 9, 2017

I just purchased East Recovery Essentials Professional, paid for with PayPal. It won't even download. Need help please.

By A. Vonderka on April 8, 2017

Do not working.

I finally have my computer back!
By Josh M. on January 17, 2013

When i got home i turned.on.my laptop and turned it on the windows/system32 error was gone and the internal recovery program started. its been a year since this laptop worked. so idk if it was the previous disc.or whay but thank you for offering me the second one. i finnaly have my computer back!

By shirley davis on November 15, 2015

I am so impressed with EasyRE. I had so many different problems arise as we worked through the rigors of fixing my broken laptop. The support was much more than I could have hoped for. EasyRE stuck with me to get my laptop up and running. Amazing. The support was worth more than I paid for the product. 5 STARS

Windows10 Doesnt Work
By Malcolm on December 11, 2017

Paid for the EasyRE for windows 10.iso file, downloaded it and double clicked on it as instructed. All I get is an error message Sorry there was a problem mounting the file. So does not work, No email address to find out why? DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS RUBBISH

Editor's Note: 

We have a video guide on using the .ISO file correctly, both for creating a CD or creating a bootable USB stick. Neither guide says to double-click the file or mount it. That is why this didn't work for you, Malcolm. Please contact our support team at easyre@neosmart.net for assistance, we're more than happy to help (the support information is in the confirmation email you received at the time of the order, too).

Holly molly! Fixed corrupt SSD Windows boot sector
By Emre on January 9, 2018

I've been trying literally all day to fix my boot sector error, I bought this and tried the Automated repair and BAM LIKE MAGIC, it works, and I didn't lose any of my precious files! Woooooooooooo!

Thank you so much!

Thanks so much!
By Dave on September 4, 2013

Had a half-dead Vista laptop, and nothing, but nothing, that I could do made a difference. I could get it to boot partially in various modes, but it would always stop at a certain point and go no farther. I downloaded this disc, burned it to a CD and booted off of it, chose Automatic Recovery, and PRESTO!!! Everything is working perfectly. Couldn’t be easier. Thanks so much!

a trap
By Jack on May 4, 2017

it does nothing, it is just a trap.

Alienware Laptop Saved!!
By Jenny Edwards on April 26, 2014

I recently purchased a refurbished Alienware M11x laptop for my son's birthday. It was working fine and one day it just did not want to boot to Windows 7 and the warranty period had just expired one week prior to this happening. I spent countless hours over a one week period trying to solve the issue. I tried many websites, downloads, etc to no avail. My biggest obstacle was trying to boot the system using a usb stick because this model laptop does not include a cd/dvd drive.

I came across your website and was very hesitant to spend money on something that may not work. But I was at my wits end and decided to take a chance. All I have to say is WOW! WOW! WOW! The step by step instructions were very helpful since I'm not an expert at computers.

I LOVED that there were instructions on how to load your software and how to activate it using a usb stick. My son's laptop is now working with no lost data and I am one happy Mom knowing I was able to save his laptop since this was a very expensive purchase. Your price of under $20 for the download was such a great value. You saved my sanity, time and a lot of money had I taken it in for repairs.

I HIGHLY recommend that this program be given a try if you have issues with your PC. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I give you guys 2 thumbs up and an A+++++

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