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It works!
By rubydw on April 17, 2014

It works!!!!!! Thank you @neosmart #neosmart for easy recovery essentials YouTube video and affordable repair. Best $20 of my life!!!!! #gublife


Fixed, for the most part. :)
By Guilty Pirate on January 7, 2017

TL;DR - EasyRE works. Saved my life!

I'll be honest: I torrented a crack version of EasyRE in hopes of fixing my laptop. I accidentally deleted the System Reserved partition thinking that I had correctly copied it over (guess I didn't). The thing didn't work and thankfully nothing bad happened; the screen just showed an X.

I could have fixed it myself if given enough time, but I was seriously in a pinch because I needed a solution ASAP. I paid the $20 USD (I'm Canadian, so it's a bit more... but oh well) through credit card, downloaded the file, ran NeoSmart's Easy USB Creator to load EasyREf onto a USB, popped the USB into my unbootable laptop, booted the USB and ran EasyRE... I was so nervous waiting for all the checks and stuff to complete as it does take awhile (especially if you're in a hurry). But the wait was well worth it and the laptop booted into windows!

It works and everything now, but unfortunately I was hit with a "This copy of Windows is not genuine". But as a mighty pirate, that's certainly my fault ... anyway, EasyRE works and that's what's important. :) Worth the money! I'm glad I paid.

Can 100% recommend this product!!
By Carol on June 10, 2016

Have spent two days ripping my hair out trying to get my computer out of a booting loop with a faulty classpnp.sys file. I was nervous about ordering and paying for something online, but it worked perfectly - my computer is now back up and running again - only a few minor tweaks to do when it booted up. Fantastic product when you don't have access to any other resources. Thanks guys!

Life saver!
By Trevor on April 29, 2016

I am on my knees with thanks for the repair to my computer. I must admit that I was sceptical initially and then full of remorse when the screen displayed what looked like an infra red image with some undecypherable box in the top left corner of the screen. The lack of any perceived activity for quite some time was alarming. Voila after finally working out what the message in the box was telling me and rebooting I'm back to normal. Thank you so much and worth every cent of the $20 dollars for the download.

Very grateful
By Ada on August 19, 2013

Toshiba Satellite Laptop crashed and did not come with a Recovery CD/DVD. With the Windows 7 32-bit Recovery Disc download from NeoSmart Technology it is up and running again! The EasyRE Support Team, and in particular Mark, has been extremely helpful throughout the installation process. Admire his patience and long distance communication skills. Excellent Software – Support service exceptional. Highly recommended!

windows 10 error 0xc0000034
By Abunaga on January 27, 2017

3 hours trying to search all over the net within many article to find a solution , my drive was not fat32 and it was NTFS , did everything possible and did not work, got this program and my gosh... worked like a magic, truly saved me a lot of time, and my data , worth every droller i spent on it

Great software, but...
By Steve Hards on March 4, 2016

I'm a fan of EasyRE since it sorted out a major problem I had with Windows 7. However, the Win10 version did not solve the 'Page Fault in Nonpaged Area (lpx6x.sys)' problem I'm having.

Status 0x0000225
By Syed on February 22, 2016

This download is worth it! I followed the directions, which were straight to the point. I burned the ISO image to a CD & performed an "Automated Repair." I almost lost all my info, & was thinking to reformat my machine. Instead I found this software & it helped recover & repair my machine in about 20 minutes! I would recommend this to everyone! Thanks again neosmart!

Fixed in a short time
By Durham Bubb on March 23, 2016

OK guys, just ignore any reviews that say it does n't work. It does work if you follow the instructions exactly ! Had a winload.exe file missing message so would not boot, fixed it no problem but not using auto repair. Amazing simple if done properly. Good luck.

It worked in twenty minutes
By S. Gregory Hopkins on June 11, 2016

EasyRE successfully recovered my Asus X200M Windows 10 laptop after I broke the UEFI boot-loader while installing Fedora to a separate partition. EasyRE fixed in twenty minutes what I could not after a day and a half of running MS repair utilities, rummaging through tech support blogs and poking around in a terminal.

From what I understand my recovered PC has been converted to a MBR volume from here on, but that is a preferable change for my needs as I now have a robust laptop for working with a variety of distros instead of the vulnerable device that I had when I began.

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