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saved hours and hours of aggravation
By Michael C on February 11, 2016

I don't know exactly how you are brilliant software works. All I can say is it works very well. I spent a long time on the internet looking for a solution to my computer blue screen of death Recovery problem. It took awhile to get the computer to accept it but it was a stubborn little hacker that kept going and finally got through. Your software did the job and saved hours and hours of aggravation. Thank you for creating a unique and helpful tool.

Thank you
By Colin on April 28, 2016

Thank you. Having feared the worst when my computer failed to boot I downloaded Easy RE for Windows 10 and now my PC is up and running again. I followed your clear, precise instructions and it worked like a dream. Having been on the verge of throwing my PC out of the window thinking of having costly repairs, etc, my $35 purchasing your program was worth every bit!!

cant boot
By Mike Bonsal on August 4, 2016

Created an ISO disk but it doesn't work. How about some instructions for making it bootable.

Editor's response: Instructions are available in text, picture-by-picture, and video format at http://j.mp/EREUSB and http://j.mp/ImgBurn

Doesnt do as instructions describe.
By Adam G on February 15, 2017

I tried this after downloading the iso hi speed recovery by recommendation. No help at all. Intructions are to boot from disk. My disk would not work. Unfortunte. Boot problems solved a harder and costly way.

By Carol Ryan on March 13, 2017

I tried contacting Support by email, took 2 hours to get a reply. In the mean time I purchased and downloaded the software to repair the laptop. Downloaded the software, did the install and got a message that partition was corrupted and could not access or repair. Wasted $20.00 in less than 30 minutes. Then when I went back to email, there was a support response, asking me to respond to the email again. It has been an hour and still no response. Terrible support and a waste of money! DO NOT PURCHASE.

Thanks for a great experience!
By Bill Boland on April 11, 2014

You guys provide the finest service I've ever encountered. While others would have given up long ago, you hung in there despite me. Thanks for a great experience!

I can't believe it worked
By Craig on February 12, 2014

I had recently cloned my harddrive to a larger one, and Windows 8 broke. I tried following instructions on the internet, about doing bootrec etc etc, and it didn't work. As a last resort i bought this disc and it fixed the problem within minutes. Im abit speechless really.

By Tom Moore on September 9, 2015

A couple of days ago when I was removed from civilization and lacking in sleep, I started working on the partitions on my external hard drive.

Only one small problem, I was actually working on my Windows 10 internal boot drive. And yes, you can guess what happened. I zapped my MBR/GBR. :-(

When I got home, I ran CloneZilla to back up my internal drive. That took nearly two hours.

Then downloaded your Windows 10 ERE and burned a DVD with it. Booted off the DVD which took forever. Eventually I was given the choice of doing the automated fix. As you probably already know, the MBR/GBR fix took perhaps a minute and I could boot my system.

My only complaint was that I took two hours imaging my internal drive before using ERE. But that is the safe thing to do.

THANK YOU for having the downloadable ERE. You saved my sanity. That helps. I will have to figure out something to purchase from you to support your free downloadable ERE.

Thank you again for being there.

Money well spent!
By Dan on January 21, 2017

Windows 7 pro - wouldnot start up regular or safemode. Startup repair & system restore no help. This did the trick - system drive was intact but the startup files were corrupted. Repaired the files and started up! Couldnt believe it - you wont either!

By Bill Ruschmeyer on November 15, 2013

An Outstanding, unbelievable, superb piece of software and truly a lifesaver!! I cannot say enough only that is the best $20 investment I have ever made. Simple yet completely thorough in what it does.

I would recommend this to any PC user young,old,experienced or inexperienced. I will purchase the Windows 8 version 'just in case.'I cannot foresee anyone giving this software a bad review. It does exactly as advertised, and is by far the easiest software I have come across.

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