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Money well spent!
By Dan on January 21, 2017

Windows 7 pro - wouldnot start up regular or safemode. Startup repair & system restore no help. This did the trick - system drive was intact but the startup files were corrupted. Repaired the files and started up! Couldnt believe it - you wont either!

Partial Success :( :)
By Sathya on April 13, 2013

I tried different ways but didn't help recover my photos:( For some reason, it does not show me the picture folders but it did show videos and documents that I could recover.

Seems like a complete scam.
By Tom Shubert on October 4, 2017

At least at this point it seems like this site is a scam. I could not find these “\1” that tell you how to make your bootable media from the ISO but I used Rufus and the damn thing would start to boot and then hang. Gonna keep trying.

Editor's Note: 

Rufus is 3rd party software that does not support EasyRE and we have numerous guides on creating a bootable CD or USB, in both tutorial and video format. Links were included in the order confirmation email and on our site:

didn't work for me
By frank houston on January 23, 2018

I had a 0xc00000f error which EasyRE guarantees to fix. Well, it didn't fix my PC. Although, after it ran, the program listed an impressive amount of things that it claimed to fix, it still won't boot. So for me, a waste of 20 bucks. I don't suppose the guarantee includes a refund for failure to work as promised?

Editor's Note: 

EasyRE has a 100% money-back guarantee. Please reach out to our support department at easyre@neosmart.net with your order number for help and/or a refund!

Great product!
By Stacey Riley on December 16, 2017

I had been struggling for several days to fix my Windows 7 desktop. Using the Automatic repair tool my computer was fixed within a few minutes!

Thank you very much for this tool!

By LouieV on January 3, 2014

I was blue screened on a Win 7, out of warranty Dell with no disks and just my product key. I tried many ways and was about to buy a New Win 7 and start over. But thankfully I found this product. The rescue disk was purchased, downloaded, burned and....I was up and running in 15 min. Unbelievable product. I wish I had found this yesterday!! Thank you!

hw to download
By David vru on February 13, 2017

How to download I have tryed it several times but I fail. Plz hlp

Doesnt do as instructions describe.
By Adam G on February 15, 2017

I tried this after downloading the iso hi speed recovery by recommendation. No help at all. Intructions are to boot from disk. My disk would not work. Unfortunte. Boot problems solved a harder and costly way.

Committed to their users
By Cameron OKeefe on December 17, 2015

Within seconds you can feel the power this tool extends to you. I had the pleasure of speaking with one of the developers, and was impressed by the level of patience and support he offered. In my time as a developer I have come to ask myself 'Does this tool save me time? Is it going to stay relevant long enough to justify using it?'. My question was quickly answered when I sent an email requesting a feature I needed and received a response soon after informing me the feature had been added to the new release. Great work guys!

had error 0xc0000225 after clone hdd to ssd--> solved thanks to neo smart
By Tom van Dun on January 16, 2015

I was surfing for a solution. And after trying different solutions. i bought the recovery ISO. Works great and easy.


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