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Worked Great
By Scott on September 8, 2017

I purchased this product to give it a try, I spent several hours trying to get a computer to boot, but it would not work. I felt spending $20 was well worth it even if it didn't fix the problem. I started the automated repair and came back after lunch, rebooted the computer and everything is working! It might not work for everyone and every issue, but for $20 it was well worth the try!!

The Best $20 You'll Ever Spend!
By Jamie Killian on October 10, 2016

Recently, whenever we lose power my Windows 7 PC's CMOS resets to the default values rendering my computer unbootable (I believe this has something to do with the dates adjusting). The only solution I could do to get running again was to do a full format and re-install everything, a process that could take 2-3 days. I purchased EasyRE in the hopes that it could fix things a lot faster and it did, best money I ever spent and I was up and running in-tact within an hour!

Thanks for EasyRE
By Daren Butler on April 13, 2014

Recently, I tried to resize partitions on my hard drive, and the result was a blue screen telling me that I had an unmountable boot volume. I had an OS on boot DVD, so I was able to search the Internet for possible solutions to my problem, but to no avail. I then came across your website and EasyRE product. After purchasing and downloading, I was able to use EasyRE to bring my computer back from the brink. Thank you!

God bless, Daren Butler

It works!
By Szymon Zdunczyk on September 5, 2015

It takes only a few minutes. My system wakes up. Thanks!

Didn't work
By Reno on February 13, 2018

You need to show the average user how to make this work. Do you have to burn the download to a disk and run it from there? We neophytes need help running this. I have a printer error 0x0000007f that this is supposed to fix. But I can't get the product to work. Help!

Editor's Note: 

I'm sorry to hear you had trouble getting off the ground with EasyRE. The online documentation for EasyRE has guides to cover all this and more and should have been included in your download confirmation email:

solved my windows 7 pro 64 problem in just a few minutes
By Bigmetfan on July 5, 2016

well worth the price, even though a super computer geek might have figured out what was wrong and solved it through partition magic or the built in partitioning software in Windows 7, but I had no clue. I was playing with my partition sizes and suddenly my boot drive wouldn't load windows and I couldn't even get to the recovery section. I didn't have a DVD rom in the machine, so even if I had my Windows recovery disks, I couldn't do much. So I downloaded this on another machine, burned the ISO (it is totally automated and easy) and then put my hard drive in the other laptop, and booted from that machine's dvd drive. Presto, it fixed the partition and I saw something there about me making it not active, and then something about fixing my MBR, but the key point is that the entire process took maybe 10 minutes (I skipped the memory test) and when I popped the drive back into the original machine, I was up and running. Great expenditure of $20 - highly recommended!

It did exactly what it says it will
By Nigel Thomas on October 16, 2014

It did exactly what it says it will; it fixed my “\1” boot error automagically. Within 5 minutes of downloading the iso, my bust machine was up and working again. I rarely write recommendations, but this is one product I'm happy to endorse.

By Tom Moore on September 9, 2015

A couple of days ago when I was removed from civilization and lacking in sleep, I started working on the partitions on my external hard drive.

Only one small problem, I was actually working on my Windows 10 internal boot drive. And yes, you can guess what happened. I zapped my MBR/GBR. :-(

When I got home, I ran CloneZilla to back up my internal drive. That took nearly two hours.

Then downloaded your Windows 10 ERE and burned a DVD with it. Booted off the DVD which took forever. Eventually I was given the choice of doing the automated fix. As you probably already know, the MBR/GBR fix took perhaps a minute and I could boot my system.

My only complaint was that I took two hours imaging my internal drive before using ERE. But that is the safe thing to do.

THANK YOU for having the downloadable ERE. You saved my sanity. That helps. I will have to figure out something to purchase from you to support your free downloadable ERE.

Thank you again for being there.

saved my laptop
By jay on September 27, 2017

my laptop was doing windows update and right in the middle i lost power. So after i booted up, it went right to bsod and asked for recovery cd which i didnt have. So i bought easyre to try it out and it performed miracle in my eyes. I was ready to buy new laptop but easyre saved me money and kept my laptop going again.

By William on May 17, 2017

Simply the worse program ever.

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