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HP IT Tech Exp
By Ray Visser on October 25, 2013

Great Software Works well with HP computers

By Milton H on March 3, 2015

You are AWESOME. I had given to me a toshiba laptop with no external backup or DVD and only its factory installed partitions. The corruption of windows 8.1 made it try to autorepair, and it would run for hours getting no where. I couldn't access Safemode even using the DVD, when i eventually made one, on boot. The Toshiba just kept loading the T/WIn8 spinning dots icon & wouldn't let me access a command prompt so i tried & I tried & I TRIED .... other live disks and online forum tips then i struck GOLD with EasyRE... The BEST $50 i've spent this week. GREAT STUFF GUYS!!!!!!!

Great Product - Great Support
By David V on November 4, 2017

I was skeptical of this program when it didn't work initially for my crashed laptop. However, upon contacting support, “\1” went above and beyond, over the course of several days, to get my laptop working again. Ali went so far as to provide a download from the company that allowed me reinstall and get the laptop up and running again. Here’s a company that cares about customer service!

Big thanks
By philip carr on January 8, 2018

First time I've ever used an autofix button that actually worked. From corrupted mbr to working computer within around 20 minutes and all I had to do was burn a cd. Best 15 quid I've spent in quite a while. Big thanks.

By Lyle on December 11, 2015

Great Product. Tried other utilities in oreder to repair Windows 10 boot errors and they did not work. This product worked great!

Didn't work!
By Neko on December 7, 2013

Sadly, after reading all the good things about this program, it didn't work for me. PC had been acting up the last couple of days when it kept running CHKDSK every time I booted up even though it never found anything. Eventually it blue screened.

After that, windows wouldn't boot up at all. I downloaded EasyRE in the hope that it would fix things but alas, it has not. The automated repair says it's failed to update the MBR therefore it's unable to proceed with the repair and I should check the logs for more details. No idea where the logs are. Tried a system restore to a point last week before the problems began but when I reboot I just get a black screen with “\1” on it.

Really disappointed but at least I got a refund.

Up and running in less than 10 minutes
By Terry T. on November 18, 2012

I want to thank you very much for your support. This download did fix my pc. I was back up and running in less than 10 minutes from downloading the iso burner and downloading this Vista 32 bit Recovery iso file. I burned it to a CD, booted my pc to the CD and it fixed my pc boot problem on the first try. When I rebooted my pc it booted to the hard drive.

Microsoft got a little smarter with Windows 7 as they restored the ability for users to create a bootable recovery CD in Windows 7. I was able to do that just fine with Windows 7 but not Vista. I think I will be upgrading soon.

Waste of money!
By Joe on April 14, 2017

This was a waste of money and time. Do not even spend your money. Download the files and get no directions. The lousy video tutorial is an advertisement. Had to go to YouTube for directions. Still a bad program, with little support. Even if it fixed my PC.

Wonderful Product
By Paul Wilson on July 27, 2016

Your product was the answer to getting my desktop computer working again. I had been on the phone with the Microsoft “\1” team who rebooted my machine several times until it finally threw the blue screen at us. I was not happy when they responded that there was nothing more they could do and suggested I contact a local IT person.

I stumbled onto your website and wanted you to know how grateful I am. I downloaded the file, burned it onto a cd and rebooted my machine. Then I sat back while your GREAT product performed it's magic. It worked the first time and in my opinion is worth much more than the twenty dollars you charge.

By Kate on October 22, 2013

Incredible! Fantastic results! I was battling with a boot issue, black screen, making no progress any which way until I got the download. The disc burning was a little confusing but I finally got it.

For me, I had to change to boot from cd/dvd. Multiple areas needed help so I had to reboot with the disc a few times. Once the boot was repaired I got my life back :-) Thankful, oh so thankful!

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