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Great Utility
By Christian on January 1, 2016

Cloned my running W7 Pro System with ATI to a brand new hardware with M2-SSD, but it won't boot.

After downloading the ISO-Image and preparing an USB-Stick in a few minutes, this great tool fixed all problems! It really works fantastic!

Can't open CD draw
By Andrew on May 5, 2017

All the reviews are positive, that should have been my first warning sign. No doubt this review will not be shown. Had a hard drive failure. Installed new drive and thought this will bring the laptop back to life, at least to be able to connect to the internet or reload windows from CD, but no such luck. Unable to open CD draw to whilst the CD from so called easy recovery is in, they must have disabled it. Unable to connect to the internet, even when plugged into the modem with cable.

Don't waste your money, go somewhere else!

My own fault, thought it be more convenient to download a fix rather than taking the Sony laptop to a repairer. No I am going to pay to have it fixed twice.

More than just another pretty face.....
By John Ed on August 9, 2013

This tool is great but, it would just be another boot disc for your stack if it weren't for the people behind it. I am by no means a computer techy but am willing to get my hands dirty (read, search and ask questions). I use laptops in my business and like a lot of folks don’t backup as I should. When my Sony crashed hard, “KSOD” then “BSOD”, I thought the HDD had died a slow death but was able to see the files were still accessible from another boot disc. Like everyone I’ve been hesitant to purchase and D/L’s tools from the net. After a little reading at the Neosmart forums it seemed this was more than a “buy this and good luck to ya” site. I was right.

The EasyRE works just as good as they say it does. Most computer issues I’ve had have been more than just one issue including the most recent although I’ve read that EasyRE has restored some in one boot. The Mods aren’t afraid to tell you that part of your problem is above their scope at EasyRE. I appreciated that. But they didn’t stop there. I was always pointed in the right direction every time I sent an email if the next step was beyond their scope. Over 30 emails were exchanged and some of those return emails minutes apart. I would press send and go back to reading. On many occasions it seemed it was just seconds later my phone was alerting me of a return email.

Again, if you have boot/registry/start-up issues like I did (on my Sony with no OEM disc’s) it not the end. For less than the cost of five gallons of gas or a case of beer, you can be well on your way back to using your machine in a non destructive way. Not one file lost here!

Fixd completely trashed Windows 10 with dual booting
By Martin Wright on October 19, 2015

After trying other tools which said they would fix my breaking of BCDEDIT boot manager on my Windows 10 Laptop with the new security boot manager. The other failed and hour have been wasted.

I decided to buy and try EasyRE. Guess what it took around 20 minutes to buy download and burn to USB with there own Easy ISO to USB. The software found a backup of a couple of days ago and I was back up and running within 20 minutes.

Worth the money as it will no doubt be used again and again with windows 10.

This worked!
By Roman on November 17, 2015

I had just messed up my computer really badly, and it wouldn't boot up. Luckily, I came across this program. Thanks to their easy tutorials, my computer was able to run again! Way cheaper than buying a recovery disk from other companies.


By Lyle on December 11, 2015

Great Product. Tried other utilities in oreder to repair Windows 10 boot errors and they did not work. This product worked great!

General Manager United Distributors
By Michael Jahnke on March 2, 2016

Did not work and I ordered it on 2/24/2016. Thought it would fix my problem and would sure like to get my money back. Order Number 9648961E7F909902. Put it on my PayPal account. Thought sure it would fix my computer.

By Catherine on May 29, 2016

Thank you for this software. Computer hasn't worked for a year. However following your advice re burning to disc managed to restart computer and save hundreds of family photos. My husband and son were amazed that I had done this, they had given up on it ever working again!

Well done on a great job
By Mike on August 23, 2015

I don’t usually leave comments as most free give-aways are just a con, however, this time it requires one.

I have windows 10 and had a black screen of death it would not load at all. I downloaded the free recovery dvd on my windows 64 bit machine. I then burnt it to dvd and used it on my 32 bit windows10 machine and in 20 mins my computer was restored to its usual self. I cant thank you enough. Well done on a great job.

By the way I am not a computer engineer just a novice who likes to play with computers so anybody can use this disk with just a little knowledge. Thanks again for saving me hours rebooting.

By Kevin Lawrence on November 9, 2014

I tried trinity, winPE, Hirens, ERD, Dart, and 2 more. I booted EasyRE, clicked system restore, and you fixed my previous 4 hour struggle in 60 seconds. Thank you!

Kevin Lawrence
IT Director

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