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Did its job
By Bill on February 28, 2014

Your software has already done its job. My Vista Pro took a nose this morning and it's an important computer in my daily operation. Within ten minutes, I was back up and running.

Fixed Grub2 Dual Boot Problem
By Michael Stratton on March 17, 2016

Great software, worth every penny of the 19.95 I paid for it. It easily fixed MBR error caused by Grub2 dual boot!

This made my life a bit easier. I was not able to boot to Vista or my linux distro after installing Grub2. I had installed Ubuntu and then deleted the partition. After deleting the partition, I created a USB boot with a Fedora .iso loaded on to it. I successfully installed Fedora, but upon restart grub2 displayed an error and I was not able to fix it with windows install cd or other any other boot cd. I purchased the vista tool, downloaded and and bada bing bada boom - I am up and running again.

Back to writing code as well! http://www.mikestratton.net Thanks neosmart, you saved me from losing another a few more days of work and the potential lose of alot of data.

Did what it was advertised to do
By James Bauer on April 26, 2013

My Windows 7 system would not boot and diagnostics said that the registry was corrupted. Learning that I was going to have to rebuild my system (System restore) would not work, I purchased this product with a goal of salvaging all of my data from the un-bootable system. I was able to recover my documents, pictures, and music folders with nothing lost.

hard drive just stopped working?
By David on January 15, 2016

I downloaded this program and burnt it to a blank cd. I booted it up on my broken pc and it worked it took a little while but my pc is good now. thank you.

Waste of money!
By Joe on April 14, 2017

This was a waste of money and time. Do not even spend your money. Download the files and get no directions. The lousy video tutorial is an advertisement. Had to go to YouTube for directions. Still a bad program, with little support. Even if it fixed my PC.

Great product.
By Sherree Quackenbush on April 6, 2013

I recently purchased your recovery set for windows 7 and it has been a big help in fixing a friends laptop. It was fantastic to download immediately and not have to wait for media in the mail.Thanks for providing a wonderful product at a reasonable cost.

Blue screen for window vista
By wang wt on April 12, 2017

load the disk from ERE but it did not work at all.waste of money

saved the day!
By G Walker on June 12, 2016

Upgraded from win 7 to 10, then decided on clean install of 10. This resulted in disk being converted to GPT... no good for me, as free encryption like VeraCrypt and DiskCryptor don't work on UEFI/GPT, system has no TPM for BitLocker, and lame HP Pavilion BIOS can't support hardware encryption. Converted GPT to MBR using EaseUS Partition Master and linux "dd" (to set partition on proper sector). Win 10 OS looked fine from another system, but it would not boot, and tried everything to unlock the disk and repair the MBR. Gave EasyRE a try, and it fixed it! Now my clean Windows 10 install is on BIOS/MBR disk, and I can now encrypt. Thank you!

tl;dr- Windows 10 disk locked after converting from GPT, EasyRE fixed it.

Senior Systems Analyst
By Mark Moss on December 4, 2013

I have a PC that was running Windows Vista Ultimate and it suddenly lost its sound. After trying several different fixes that did not work I decided to upgrade to Windows 7 Ultimate.

The upgrade went on for several hours with no problems, even doing a couple of reboots during the process. However upon finishing the install and a finale reboot to go into Windows 7 nothing happened.

I got just a black screen with a blinking cursor. After a week of trying different things to fix the problem I came across EasyRE. Needless to say after running the automated recovery my machine now boot into Windows 7 Ultimate with no problems. This took about 15 minutes with EasyRE, and to think I could have saved a week and many grey hairs if only I had known about it earlier.


Virtualbox 5 on Mac OSX El Capitan Host
By Earl on May 20, 2016

I had an install of Trusteer Rapport security software mess up my drivers and I thought I was out of luck. I haven't had an install disk in years so I was very glad to find your software. I installed the download directly into the virtual optical drive, it booted up, fixed the drivers and I'm back in business, literally. All in it took about 20 minutes. WOW! So happy. Best $20 I ever spent.

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