Easy Recovery Essentials Reviews

Saved my collaborator 's hard work !
By Thierry on March 17, 2017

Trying to clone his 5400rpm disk drive to an virgin SSD thru a SATA dock, I thought I was doing the opposite ! I stopped the process at the very beginning and started to sweat “\1” (and pray hard...).

The disk was showed as empty in Win. Disk Management ! Wow !!!!! Restarted everything... Okay the disk was back. I tried it in his computer to insure everything is ok. It wasn't. Windows won't boot anymore ! Status : 0xc000000e !

Googling this error and finally found your site ! Just followed the tutorial, and BOOOM...

PS : I did not work on the classic drive. I decided not to risk anything more on that drive. I cloned it to the SSD and worked on the SSD.

$20 ! Go fro it !

Easy Recovery Essentials Reviews
By khunbunmay on March 8, 2016

Best application support system easy process information.

Thanks for EasyRE
By Daren Butler on April 13, 2014

Recently, I tried to resize partitions on my hard drive, and the result was a blue screen telling me that I had an unmountable boot volume. I had an OS on boot DVD, so I was able to search the Internet for possible solutions to my problem, but to no avail. I then came across your website and EasyRE product. After purchasing and downloading, I was able to use EasyRE to bring my computer back from the brink. Thank you!

God bless, Daren Butler

pc user
By cb on May 17, 2013

I tried this after downloading the iso burner and nothing worked.

Fixed MBR Error 3 with ease.
By Gerritt on January 2, 2015

On one of our computers uing Windows 7 Ultimate.

Fixed MBR Error 3 with ease.

Does not work
By Komal on May 7, 2016

windows xp is stuck in txtsetup.sif and this was a waste of money as it is doesn't have anything to boot the OS first

Editor's Note: 

EasyRE does not repair problems with Windows XP setup, only with actual, existing Windows XP installations.

a trap
By Jack on May 4, 2017

it does nothing, it is just a trap.

Didn’t work for me
By Ken B. on November 7, 2017

Had high hopes after reading the reviews. Was getting BSOD at boot after uninstalling Avast. Nothing I tried repaired the problem. Found EasyRE while google searching for a solution. I downloaded the iso and installed it on a usb stick. I booted from the USB stick and followed the directions. It said the problem was fixed but when I rebooted I still got the BSOD.

By Bruce B on April 5, 2017

I was a little sceptical but after I burned the disc and inserted it in the dvd player it went to work in a few minutes. It took about 45 minutes but I didn't loose any files and now my hewlet packard pc runing like new. Thank you very much for saving me alot of money.

By Kevin Lawrence on November 9, 2014

I tried trinity, winPE, Hirens, ERD, Dart, and 2 more. I booted EasyRE, clicked system restore, and you fixed my previous 4 hour struggle in 60 seconds. Thank you!

Kevin Lawrence
IT Director

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