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By Milton H on March 3, 2015

You are AWESOME. I had given to me a toshiba laptop with no external backup or DVD and only its factory installed partitions. The corruption of windows 8.1 made it try to autorepair, and it would run for hours getting no where. I couldn't access Safemode even using the DVD, when i eventually made one, on boot. The Toshiba just kept loading the T/WIn8 spinning dots icon & wouldn't let me access a command prompt so i tried & I tried & I TRIED .... other live disks and online forum tips then i struck GOLD with EasyRE... The BEST $50 i've spent this week. GREAT STUFF GUYS!!!!!!!

By Ryan I on April 24, 2013

Long story short, I would get to the log in screen and then the screen went black after..could open the Task Manager..open Firefox and browse BUT, the windows GUI was not there. So strange. I was transfering an OS from a HDD to a SSD. Anyways, this worked!

Nothing worked
By Tash on May 7, 2017

I just downloaded the file for windows 8 and nothing has worked. the file that downloaded hasnt go any file in it that can do anything there are just txt file to open. :( waste of $20

Thank you for your support
By Daver on November 9, 2012

Woo hoo! That worked a treat. Thank you so much for your support, it’s one of the best customer services I’ve encountered over the last few years!

Thank you Ali
By Monty on December 12, 2015

Thank you Ali for your help in rebooting my Vista desktop i would recommend EasyRE as i had never heard of this company lucky i found you from searching from a long way away. Monty

Retired: Intergrated Circuit Design Engineer
By John Mahoney on March 2, 2016

I have been building and fixing computers for over 40 years. And Easy Recovery Essentials is the best program I have ever used.

I was in the middle of a system restore when the power went out!!! And of course my UPS failed. The hard drive was not doing anything, but it was alive, I put it in an enclosure and connected it to another computer.

I tried everything I could think of, many other programs, and microsoft procedures, but nada!!! Easy Recovery Essentials worked in 15 minutes. Wow!!!!

Without a doubt, this is the best 40 bucks I have ever spent on anything, period!!!

PC Repairer
By Ross on March 20, 2016

The Auto Fix tried but did not fix the Windows 7 repair boot loop after failed windows 10 upgrade. But it did find a System Restore when all other tools said there were none. Let EasyRE use it and PC now back up and running. If I had not found this software and decided to try it i was ready to wipe the drive and reinstall after spending 8 hours over two day trying every repair trick known. Even if it had not worked the other tools will be most handy for recovering files and with its access to the internet I'm sure I will use it often. Have already had to repair more than a few failed Win 10 upgrade and now this is the first tool I will try.

Fixed my Windows 7 boot file
By Unbelievable on March 25, 2015

My Dell laptop was "updating", one of those Windows updates that seem to pop up all the time. So I finally let it go ahead and do the update.... update.... update. I thought it was done since it went back to the login screen. Well, I think the plan was for me to log back in and let it continue it's updates. Needless to say, I needed to do something else besides watch it so I closed the laptop at the login screen. Bad idea. The best I could get was a blinking underscore on a black screen. F8 didn't work (safe mode). I looked and looked on the web, tried all different kinds of options. Nothing worked. Even tried the re-installation CD, did a start-up repair, system recovery, everything I could try. I finally bought this EasyRE online and it somehow fixed it. I don't know how, can't explain it, but it got everything back the way it was. I'm impressed.

doesnt work for everything
By Steven Markiewicz on June 15, 2017

doesnt work for everything and took almost 3 days for a refund crapp

FINALLY!!! Something that really works!!!
By Ed on June 22, 2016

I said to heck with it and risked the 20 bucks, but it worked flawlessly, I got the boot error after resetting my USB drivers and this neosmartmedia Auto repair worked like a charm on my Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 Dell XPS laptop.

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