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By JC on February 11, 2017

It got me to a point where I could things. It saved me hours. I wish I had bought it sooner.

It surely works
By kobus on January 8, 2015

I changed my hard disk and could not startup and got n blue screen.

I run the program once and 6 months of stuggle was gone.

I recommend Easy Recovery Essentials and surely..... It works!

This product did the job
By Mark M. on February 7, 2013

Hi I just wanted to say this product was a lifesaver....I accidently moved my boot files trying to make a boot recovery.

This product did the job.

This product actually worked!!!
By Simon Butler on February 25, 2016

Great product.

Fixed Windows 7 startup issues in 5 minutes. I was really surprised.

Value for money and money well spent!

By Tom R on October 1, 2015

My Windows 8 laptop was stuck on 'please wait' forever. I could not get into the diagnostic tools. and I did not have a recovery CD/USB. This software took just a few seconds to have me up and running. Amazing product!

Rip Off
By Donna Caissie on March 27, 2016

The Windows XP Recovery Disk put my laptop into a continuous loop of bootmgr is missing and then the machine tries to reboot only to go back to the message bootmgr is missing. Neosmart wants me to waste more time by calling their tech support. I've since replaced the machine, and all I want from Neosmart is my money back.

Really simple to operate
By Sam R. on March 20, 2013

Worked great on Vista and really simple to operate, Thanks for your help.

Great Product
By Tom Helinski on July 2, 2017

I recently attempted to clone my drive to a larger size. The cloning apparently went well but when I went to check out and swap - I got the boot sector error. I had a rescue disk prepared at the start with my cloning software but it did not/was not able to repair the boot sector issues. I searched the web as well as looking at Utube videos and this is where I found the one on EasyRE.


I downloaded the Win 10 version and followed the procedure described - and within 10 min. my boot sector issue was corrected. This was after sweating it out over the past 48 hours about how to resolve the problem.

I highly recommend this product, it is money well spent. In addition, I've learned my lesson about periodically creating a rescue disk for my operating system as well. I originally had Win 7 and upgraded to Win 10 through download so I did not have an installation disk that would work.

Thanks again, EasyRE for a great,straightforward product that delivered what it promised.

Tom Helinski

one of the best ever value for money and decent honest backups
By Bill_London_Uk on August 14, 2013

I am a techie geek myself, but a laptop I was repairing,Blue Screen of Death (BSD), and it appeared total, erased , WinVista, but found these great people and Software program that said it will do the job, and for such a reasonable price, I decided to got for it.Within purchase , download, burn ISO, boot up on ISO disc , within 7 mins repaired it, and with a reboot a few mins more, WOW, it up and running in superb condition. So emailed Mark a thank you, and asked,but would a WinXp home edition with,NDDLR missing on Black Screen, also be repaired , ((Microsoft under my contract with them Could not,Oooops))

Mark said yes, so downloaded the WinXP repair disc, and same again, total repair, up and running about 11 mins in total.

So many thanks again Mark. wish all people were as good and honest as yourself, and your company.


Did not work for me but got a refund with no questions
By Benoit Heroux on February 9, 2015

I am using Windows 8 on an HP Pavilion with the Secure Boot bios setting. After disabling Secure boot to be able to boot from a CD I was not able to boot from my Boot Drive again. Even after re-enabling the Secure Boot. I was getting the 0xc000000e error. EasyRE was not able to see my OS drive. After a week of attempts and contacts with the support, I re-installed my system from scratch. The good thing is, I asked for refund and got it within a few hours with no questions asked.

Good. Moving right along!

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