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Win 10 Pro EasyRE ISO not running!
By Patrick Ewing on January 17, 2018

I downloaded, created a USB boot from the ISO and when started, says "grub_isprint not found". I then check neosmart.net's site and there is nothing about how to properly install the .iso download file or issues if running. Disappointing that there isn't any installation help on the site to get it installed properly.

Editor's Note: 

Patrick, please email our support team at easyre@neosmart.net for assistance. I'm confused you say there are no resources on our site for using the .iso download or getting it running:

More than just another pretty face.....
By John Ed on August 9, 2013

This tool is great but, it would just be another boot disc for your stack if it weren't for the people behind it. I am by no means a computer techy but am willing to get my hands dirty (read, search and ask questions). I use laptops in my business and like a lot of folks don’t backup as I should. When my Sony crashed hard, “KSOD” then “BSOD”, I thought the HDD had died a slow death but was able to see the files were still accessible from another boot disc. Like everyone I’ve been hesitant to purchase and D/L’s tools from the net. After a little reading at the Neosmart forums it seemed this was more than a “buy this and good luck to ya” site. I was right.

The EasyRE works just as good as they say it does. Most computer issues I’ve had have been more than just one issue including the most recent although I’ve read that EasyRE has restored some in one boot. The Mods aren’t afraid to tell you that part of your problem is above their scope at EasyRE. I appreciated that. But they didn’t stop there. I was always pointed in the right direction every time I sent an email if the next step was beyond their scope. Over 30 emails were exchanged and some of those return emails minutes apart. I would press send and go back to reading. On many occasions it seemed it was just seconds later my phone was alerting me of a return email.

Again, if you have boot/registry/start-up issues like I did (on my Sony with no OEM disc’s) it not the end. For less than the cost of five gallons of gas or a case of beer, you can be well on your way back to using your machine in a non destructive way. Not one file lost here!

By John K on March 20, 2014

Wow! I'm so glad I found your software. Things were looking bad. I downloaded the ERE and burned to disk. Not sure what I was doing. After a few explorations into the F2 boot setup area and selecting the boot by disk. It works! Brilliant. Well worth the 40$. Thanks Again. John K.

Win-Vista, MBR damaged, bought EasyRE. Doesn't work.
By Karl H on October 6, 2016

Bought it, downloaded, installed to USB drive using Rufus. Error re: Grub, tried both options provided, writes files to USB drive but the drive will not boot, gives Grub error. Since no helpful error messages are produced (it crashes immediately on booting), I don't know what to do next. Waste of money & time. I can still boot Vista using HiremCD chainloader4grub so my data is fine, just the MBR appears to be hosed. EasyRE does not appear to be very useful.

No Bueno!
By Philip on June 1, 2016

"Unable to proceed with the repair of this volume. Check logs for more details" Geez! Save your $20 dollars people. Not worth it!

I have no words to describe how thankful I am
By Heloriano Solo on December 22, 2014

Hi lads I have no words to describe how thankful I am for providing a wonderful product at a reasonable cost and for the amazing support of the whole NeoSmart Technologies Team.

I am able to reboot my computer now after days of worry, all my files are there, and you have saved me from fully re- install of everything,

I didn't have much faith that easy RE was going to work for me, after I came across comments on-line of people recommending not to use easy RE just simply because for some reason it didn't work for them, But Sure enough easy RE did work for me with simplicity and very little effort on my part.

Thank you so much for your email support, I am really very grateful.

Best $19 dollars I've spent in years
By Adele on March 3, 2014

Hi, I just downloaded and used EasyRE for Windows 7 and it's amazing!

It quickly and quietly did its work, with nothing else needed from me, and as a result I am back in action. The best $19 I've spent in years - thank you so much, you saved my day / week / month etc!

By Nick Weatherhead on February 11, 2018

I tried all the bootrec options on Windows 10 to no avail, after cloning disk to SSD it would not boot. Using EasyRE after 10 minutes my computer was booting with no intervention from me except putting DVD in drive and following instructions. Thank you, I was beginning to despair.

Tech Mgr
By INXS on February 5, 2017

Bought the software and did not fix our problem on a Laptop. Not helpful at all.

By Sue on December 2, 2015


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