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Boot problems
By Marc Friedman on January 8, 2014

Best money I have spent in years. Software that actually does what it says. Bought both Win 7 and 8. Would recommend to anyone!

Thanks EasyRE

Thanks so much!
By Dave on September 4, 2013

Had a half-dead Vista laptop, and nothing, but nothing, that I could do made a difference. I could get it to boot partially in various modes, but it would always stop at a certain point and go no farther. I downloaded this disc, burned it to a CD and booted off of it, chose Automatic Recovery, and PRESTO!!! Everything is working perfectly. Couldn’t be easier. Thanks so much!

It works Prefect for me
By Victor Z on October 26, 2015

While i was trying window 10, one day my PC stop working.I tried to fix by myself and i could do it. I tried the recovered USB it did no work. My Hard Drive was fine because i was able to see in DOS mode but i could not copy all my files so i was ready to wipe off my hard drive and i found this software and i took the decision to tried and work. In my opinion while your hard drive is fine this program is going to work for you.

I am so delighted!
By Brian Dixon on April 2, 2014

For the last 10 days or so, my Windows 7 Home Premium laptop, was totally unusable. It would not boot, because the mbr and the boot loader seemed to be gone.

Then, just 1 hour ago, I finally found your site. I was a little loath to trust yet another product claiming to be able to help me. But I bit the bullet, paid my 20 bucks, and downloaded your great recovery product EasyRE. I burned the ISO to CD, and then started this machine using the automatic recovery option.

I did not lose anything, it even started at the command I was using when it stopped. So one hour, plus $20, and I am so delighted.

Thank you. I will be telling my friends about this product.

Please use this as a reference if you wish.

Warmest regards, Brian Dixon.

amazing, worked - very sceptical initially
By Carl Sweden on March 26, 2016

Bought a bigger SSD (samsung EVO 500 gb), first cloned woth the samsung software - couln't get the clone to boot. New attempt,used MiniTool to clone the old partition to the new. However, the new SSD was not activated, which was done with easyBCD 2.4. Unfortunately, I could boot only with the old disc (I think because of the uEFI, which I have). Then disaster struck, using the win7s repair tool (and both SSDs connected), I lost “\1” whatsoever, just the error message failed to boot and Oxc000000f.

However, having created a disc image on USB using the easy USB creator and purchased the easyRE for Win 7, I disconnected the old SSD (leaving only the newly cloned 500 gb SSD still connected) and booted with the easyRepair tool. And in a blink (a restart) the darn thing worked like charm, with the new bigger SSD working, and the computer working exactly as with the previous smaller one, as was the intention. Day saved, to say the least.

By Rollo Fox on May 17, 2013


Easy Recovery Essentials worked to fix my Windows 7 that refused to load. After four frustrating days of trying everything I could think of, EasyRE saved the day. The download and installation went smoothly. The instructions were clear and complete.

Strangely, it was “Restore to a Previous Point” that solved the problem. Strangely, because the date of the “previous point” was two days after Windows 7 first stopped loading. But I’m not complaining.

Worth the cost, even for a one time use
By Tim on October 12, 2017

I had the spinning wheel saying “\1” that wouldn't ever stop. I spent about 5 hours collectively trying to get it to work. I really didn't want to do a clean install of windows because I haven't backed up in a while. $20 is definitely worth less than 5 hours of my time. It took about 10 minutes to download, make the usb, and run the repair. Fast and easy.

Saved my butt
By Zach R on April 16, 2013

Screwed up my wife's computer the day before she needed it for a presentation messing with the partitions. Downloaded the recovery disc and was up and running in minutes.

Good job and thank you
By Kevin W. on October 20, 2014

Had an old vista running computer to use for our broadcast system. Took it back to the office and did an update on it... Wow - what a mess. The system stayed on for all night and got hung up on a reboot / system update configuration loop. Tried everything i know. Happen to find these guys advertised on another site... Was skeptical, but the 19.00 was a good investment to see if we could get it back.

Guess what - It worked and it was easy to use! My computer is fixed and ready to go back to work next Sunday in the Tech Booth at church!

Amazing product by amazing people!
By Joseph Kanyua on February 7, 2014

Even losing a few hours work when my hard disk suddenly crashed meant a lot.

As a Computer Security Expert, I was really skeptical about your product. I took a chance and it worked beyond my expectations

True to your word, it is an Amazing product - by amazing people!

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