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It works!
By Fernando on February 13, 2015

I have a old PC with Win 7 where I installed a Ubuntu partition. In some point I tried to restore the Win 7 to factory settings and the Grub got losted. I got only the Grub rescue screen. I didn't have a installation's media, so I was not able to reinstall the SO. EasyRE repair my boot and I was able to use the Win 7 again.

By Carol Ryan on March 13, 2017

I tried contacting Support by email, took 2 hours to get a reply. In the mean time I purchased and downloaded the software to repair the laptop. Downloaded the software, did the install and got a message that partition was corrupted and could not access or repair. Wasted $20.00 in less than 30 minutes. Then when I went back to email, there was a support response, asking me to respond to the email again. It has been an hour and still no response. Terrible support and a waste of money! DO NOT PURCHASE.

Simply Amazing!
By Christopher C. on May 2, 2013

I had messed up some settings in my computer and i had no computer for about 2 weeks! After asking the geek squad and finding out about their outrageous prices i decided to go it alone. I found the systemdisks website and although i was skeptical, i said heck for 20 bucks i will give it a shot. And low and behold in less than an hour i was back up and running and for only 20 bones! I suggest that anybody with computer issues try this program, you will not be disappointed!

HDD to SSD error
By Neil on April 20, 2017

Bought this product to repair failed HDD to SSD - will not boot error. Tried first time, said partition was corrupt but giving a 1 day break (for my sanity) tried again and I have a full 1 Tb SSD working flawlessly. Best money I ever spent. Tried for 8 days to get computer working, this program fixed it in under 20 minutes.

IT Professionals You need this tool
By Dave McG on September 23, 2016

I struggled most of the morning trying to edit with BCDEdit in Boot Manager to correct the digital signature issue which did not work due to the error. Booted the EasyRe DVD I created and selected Automated Repair and after the process the computer was restored to the condition before the error. Welldone EasyRE from NeoSmart

windows 10 pro bootmanager error
By jaap koenders on March 31, 2016

short story first, some years ago i bought a ocz synapse ssd which uses a cache speedup, which is also a bootmanager placed on the C drive, but it was a slow thing, so i upgraded later to a samsung 840 as c drive, but the synapse ssd had to be always present,because somehow it also has the info of the other drives in its bootsector which is placed on the C drive,everything went smoothly, till i bought a samsung 950 m.2 ssd, and migrated the 840 samsung to the new 950 samsung, then took the old 840 out, "removed the sata cable",and tried to boot from the 950, then it showed the dreaded bootmanager missing error

couldnt fix it, so i had to revert back to the 840 sam, red about easybcd, and easyre, decided to try to fix the 950 sam with easyre, and after download and install on a usb stick, easyre fixed the error, without any problems. GREAT product, worked flawless fixing my problem. thanks to this easyre!

with regards


Great Support - My HD was too far gone
By Dave S on December 9, 2014

Follow up review -

Software didn't help me but support was prompt and lots of alternative options were offered - I think the corruption on the HD was beyond even this software.

A Happy Dance
By dzparker on January 6, 2013

You would have had a huge laugh if you saw the extended happy-dance i broke into when your EasyRE recovery software brought my vista back to lift after what seemed to be a boot problem brought on by me powering up the vaio with no battery installed, just external power. I ran your software and to my total delight the system booted, thanks for that and the software which looks like it could offer many capabilities, but first i have to determine what happened next and how to get that happy-dance going again. This is an amazing;y powerful tool that puts to shame the people behind the vulnerability and absence of disk recovery methods. Bill's nobal deeds will never make up for crippling compter users and making them dependent and powerless. Thanks so much for your help. Can you help me further and answer some questions about certain capabilities such as network setup which is password protected, and running vista programs in your environment?

Much appreciated and i will spread the word about this amazing recovery/xtrnl-os(?) tool.. now can i advertise your products.

Thanks for a great experience!
By Bill Boland on April 11, 2014

You guys provide the finest service I've ever encountered. While others would have given up long ago, you hung in there despite me. Thanks for a great experience!

IT Helpdesk
By Jason on February 20, 2014

I had spent hours trying to fix a nasty boot issue and this fantastic solution was shockingly easy and took a total of ~15 minutes from download to success! VERY SATISFIED and well worth the $!

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