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Fixd completely trashed Windows 10 with dual booting
By Martin Wright on October 19, 2015

After trying other tools which said they would fix my breaking of BCDEDIT boot manager on my Windows 10 Laptop with the new security boot manager. The other failed and hour have been wasted.

I decided to buy and try EasyRE. Guess what it took around 20 minutes to buy download and burn to USB with there own Easy ISO to USB. The software found a backup of a couple of days ago and I was back up and running within 20 minutes.

Worth the money as it will no doubt be used again and again with windows 10.

Great product!
By Stacey Riley on December 16, 2017

I had been struggling for several days to fix my Windows 7 desktop. Using the Automatic repair tool my computer was fixed within a few minutes!

Thank you very much for this tool!

I am so delighted!
By Brian Dixon on April 2, 2014

For the last 10 days or so, my Windows 7 Home Premium laptop, was totally unusable. It would not boot, because the mbr and the boot loader seemed to be gone.

Then, just 1 hour ago, I finally found your site. I was a little loath to trust yet another product claiming to be able to help me. But I bit the bullet, paid my 20 bucks, and downloaded your great recovery product EasyRE. I burned the ISO to CD, and then started this machine using the automatic recovery option.

I did not lose anything, it even started at the command I was using when it stopped. So one hour, plus $20, and I am so delighted.

Thank you. I will be telling my friends about this product.

Please use this as a reference if you wish.

Warmest regards, Brian Dixon.

IT Helpdesk
By Jason on February 20, 2014

I had spent hours trying to fix a nasty boot issue and this fantastic solution was shockingly easy and took a total of ~15 minutes from download to success! VERY SATISFIED and well worth the $!

By Kevin on February 13, 2015

Durante dias trate de solucionar el problema de la pantalla azul que no permitia iniciar windows, no se podia reparar con el cd de windows ni con otros softwares. Pensaba borrar todo el disco y empezar denuevo hasta que encontre este programa, y logre repararlo. Ademas que su ejecucion es sorprendentemente rapida c: .

Gracias por la solucion

By John K on March 20, 2014

Wow! I'm so glad I found your software. Things were looking bad. I downloaded the ERE and burned to disk. Not sure what I was doing. After a few explorations into the F2 boot setup area and selecting the boot by disk. It works! Brilliant. Well worth the 40$. Thanks Again. John K.

Saved my butt
By Zach R on April 16, 2013

Screwed up my wife's computer the day before she needed it for a presentation messing with the partitions. Downloaded the recovery disc and was up and running in minutes.

Big thanks
By philip carr on January 8, 2018

First time I've ever used an autofix button that actually worked. From corrupted mbr to working computer within around 20 minutes and all I had to do was burn a cd. Best 15 quid I've spent in quite a while. Big thanks.

What a great tool!
By progenyofhope on May 18, 2014

What a great tool! I must admit I was skeptical, but after trying everything else under the sun I downloaded the Vista Recovery ISO in a moment of desperation. I burned it to disk and popped it in the non-working machine. Within minutes the boot sector was re-written and the notebook came back from the dead. Thank you so much!!

By Chris Phillips on July 23, 2016

My Primary hard drive was dying so I bought myself a new SSD for my computer and decided to do a fresh install of windows 10. I booted from the DVD I made from an image and set my 2nd boot to the new SSD in the bios (the first was the DVD drive). I left the old drive in so I could take information off of it, even though I made an image of it and put it on a different computer. I then installed Windows 10 Home on the new drive.

Because I am a little bit of a freak on appearance of Windows and I have a lot of programs etc. it took me the better part of a week to get it to where I wanted it. All went well, until the old hard drive failed. To my surprise the Boot Sector must have been on that drive (which I still don't understand why) but no I couldn't boot into Windows. I tried to recover but it said the drive was locked! (short version). I tried Googling the problem on my other computer but nothing seemed to work until I came across a link to this program.

With so many scams out there I was really hesitant to try it out until I discovered that these are the same people that made EasyBCD a program that I had used previously.

I purchased the Professional version and installed it to a USB Drive. Within minutes I was up and running again. This product worked very well for me and I would recommend it, in a heartbeat.

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