Bootmgr is compressed press ctl+alt+del to restart in windows vista


I am getting this error message "Bootmgr is compressed press ctl+alt+del to restart" on system start up and windows vista does not boot. I am having compaq pressario A900 machine with windows vista originally loaded. I do not have the windows vista CD/DVD. I downloaded the windows vista recovery after purchasing it from Then i burnt the image on CD. The CD boots and it shows options as automated repair. I tried the automated repair option and it shows Windows Vista 32-Bit edition. Then i selected the Automated repair option and also the system restore option but when i restart the system when the restart option comes it still gives the following message "Bootmgr is compressed press ctl+alt+del to restart".

Please help.


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1. Boot from system cd/dvd.
2. When the screen comes up asking which OS to load pick your OS and then click load drivers.
3. A screen kind of like My Computer will pop up and you will see the system partition
4. Right click then go to Properties
5. Under the General tab uncheck the box that says "Compress drive to save disk space"
6. Click Apply and then OK

I found that using a Google search.
I have already mentioned that i do not have the Windows Vista CD/DVD.
I have downloaded the Windows Vista Recovery CD from link and than burnt the image on a CD. On the site it mentions that this CD can fix boot related problems like "bootmgr is compressed" as can be seen at link When this CD boots it shows Automated Repair which i did and on restarting after the Automated repair "Bootmgr is compressed" error still comes and Windows Vista does not boot. is the link which contains the snapshot of what appears when i boot the CD


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No such right-click/properties option in System Restore link on that page or the Partition editor option? Sorry I've never used it myself. I was just offering what I found on Google.


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Don't Compaq Presario's have a hidden recovery partition available if you press a certain sequence of keys at boot up? It may be your only solution to return the system to factory condition. The Recovery Disks are only to repair a boot sector, they can't be used to repair an operating system which I think is the case here as the drive appears to have been compressed. Alternatively call your computer supplier and ask if they can send you an OEM System Disk with which to effect a system repair.


By the way, there are a couple of other threads on this same error which may or may not help, but you might as well read them just in case.
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The error that i have mentioned is "Bootmgr is compressed" and it is mentioned at site that the recovery CDs can resolve Bootmgr is compressed issue. So than why it is not getting resolved?
I have tried for the Recovery using different sequence of keys at startup but still the error comes.


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It doesn't mention that particular error by name as far as I can see. They do have a refund policy if you feel it necessary: High Speed System Recovery Disc Downloads
I think a format and reinstall is your only option however let me ask my colleagues about this.


Some things to check in the meanwhile:

1) Is the CD burned right? When you insert it into another PC, you should be able to see a few files (including a Welcome.exe) on the CD when you open it in My Computer.
2) Did you use the right medium? You probably should have burned this onto a CD-R (instead of DVD-R). If that doesn't work, try using a DVD-R instead.
3) Is the computer configured to boot from the CD? This is typically done by pressing a key when you first turn your PC on to select the boot device, or else entering the BIOS and configuring it from there
The iso image file that i got from High Speed System Recovery Disc Downloads is named as (EasyRe for Windows Vista.iso) and the same file is on the CD. It contains a folder named boot and inside it there are 3 files named (bzImage, isolinux and rootfs.gz).
The CD boots in my laptop and that is why it shows the Automated Repair option otherwise if it would have not booted than i would be directly getting the message "Bootmgr is compressed".
I will try burning this file on a DVD but i do not think that it would affect much as the iso image file size is only 43 Mb and i would get the same content that gets on the CD.

If link in "Fix boot related problems" section the third point clearly mentions "BOOTMGR is compressed".


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No it looks like you did everything right. You're right, I missed that compressed bit. I've asked for some help here so don't despair.
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I would like to mention that i have a Mac operating system and i have burnt the ISO image on CD using the disk utility as there is no other burning program that can work in Mac. Also i read in one of the forums on this site to use the disk utility for burning the ISO image. is the link which contains snapshots of the automated recovery option and the system restore option which i directly get on booting the CD. I do not get to see options like "selecting the language, repair your computer and load drivers etc" on booting the CD

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You will not see such options cause the new software is Linux based. The options you mention are on the official Microsoft disks that you have to purchase from them for over twice the cost. We are working on a way to address this issue. But the Research and Development is taking a bit longer than expected.


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The current recovery CDs do not correct bootmgr is compressed correctly. A future version will address this issue.
If the current recovery CDs do not correct Bootmgr is compressed error than why it is posted on the site that they resolve this issue. In that case i would like to have a refund as i purchased this CD to resolve this error and this CD cannot resolve this issue.


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Yadwinder, the description didn't state it dealt with that particular error by name, however, I agree it's misleading and unfortunately the information available on what it could and could not do came directly from the external sources who own the code, albeit wrongly it would seem.
Neosmart were only working with what was available to them at the time and are trying to provide these disks as a service.
Mahmoud is working on disks that will take care of compressed drives, but that will take time.
As I stated earlier: They do have a refund policy if you feel it necessary: High Speed System Recovery Disc Downloads
You can obtain a refund by emailing: with your order number.

I really am sorry we couldn't help in your case.
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