Bootmgr Missing, question on how to dl CD

Hey All,

I have a crashed external hd that I've been trying to fix (comes up on devices, but cannot access it) and all morning I have been researching different ways to fix it. In doing so, I think I may have marked the wrong drive as active (I cannot recall what exactly it said) and when I went to restart my computer the Bootmgr missing screen came up. I know how to fix it, but I don't have the recovery CD any longer. I have a website where I can download the disk to fix the issue, however the only other computer I have access to is a MacBook. I'm not sure if any of you will know the answer, but if I were to download the file onto a disk/USB using my MacBook, would the file work correctly? I have to pay for the file, so that's why I am hesitant before doing it. Would it be easier if I took it in to BestBuy? Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!

Mak 2.0

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The file is an ISO and you can download it to a Mac. Just have to burn it to disk and use it from there.