Cannot start another Linux

Dear Mates and supporter,
- RAID 0+1 (MBR) with: boot-partition S:, C: with Vista & EadyBCD, D: with Win 7
- 750 GB HDD (MBR) with with 5 Linux & extra "dedicated GRUB2 partition"

Behavior of boot-process
1) Pointing on "dedicated GRUB2 partition" don't show the GRUB2 boot-menu but start the first Linux directly.
Seeing EasyBCD offer to choice from which partition should be booted, I make an entry for each Linux
2) The boot-menu show only the two Win and four Linux instead of five, one (last) Linux is missing in the boot-menu.
3) No matter what I choice only the first Linux is started.

How to solve the Problem?
GRUB2 is not in the MBR of sde (750 GB HDD) but in sde2 (1 GB dedicated Grub-partition) and in each of the five Linux! (sde6-10)

Thanks in advance and best regards
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Nobody an idea?
Edit: on the additional sde the boot-flag is only on the "Grub2-dedicated-partition" = sde2, none of other (linux) partition has a boot-flag.

Looking on the boot-process of linux I saw Easy-BCD looking for bootable device from "hd0,0" on and finally boot/chainload to "hd0,5" = sde6.
can I remedy the problem indeed i put an image file on sde2?
How can i convince Easy-BCD boot sde2?
How can I investigate and remedy to that?

sde (750 GB) consist of:
sde1=150 GB NTFS for Linux Data, label=Linux Downloads
sde2= 2 GB FAT32 Linux-Dedicated-Grub2, label=Grub2
sde3= rest extended no label
sde5= 16 GB Swap no label (sde4 not exist)
sde6-10= ca 100 GB each with 5 Linux

Would appreciate your comment/proposal. Thanks and regards.