Core parked on DualCore PC

Hi I recently installed Windows 10 Pro on my PC, (Asus Aspire DualCore 3.2)... and now one of the Cores is parked so the machine now only runs on one core.

I set the powermanagment to 100% and "Best Performance" because apparently that is supposed to kick both cores in, no it didn't.

I used BCD and nothing changed, I am still on one core so I used the Unpark-CPU-App and nothing happened.... Unpark-CPU-App told me both cores were unparked but the PC still only runs on one core ??

I have DualBoot (Windows 7 on one HDD) and on Win 7 I have both cores working normally so this is strange.

When trying to play games that use Dual or QuadCore on Windows 10 I get a window: "you need 2/4 cores to play this game" etc..

Any help is greatly appreciated.
Hi There,
That's weird behavior, I recently had a similar setup win 10 home and win 7pro.
I never experienced anything like that all my cores and threads were working on both OS.

I got most games and software to work in 10 so am just using 10 now.
In your task Manager in 10 does it just show the 1 core, click on the cpu box in task manager above your drives,
it should show your logical cores, it only shows 1 in mine till I click on the cpu box then all 8 show up.
I hope you get the help you need perhaps it's also a problem with the game within 10.
It has problems with quite a few of the older games.