Disk not seen in Easy recovery while visible in Diskpart (UEFI mode)


My two sons have the same HP stream laptop. One of them has "played" with the disk configuration leading to a "messy" situation.

The nominal configuration has one disk with 3 partitions.

I have checked with Diskpart on the 2 PCs and have observed almost the same configuration (in particular the same Id) with the exception of :
- the windows partition does not show Boot in the "info" field of Diskpart (all other parameters of detail volume and detail partition are identical)
- the Images partition is now a FAT32 instead of an NTFS one (all other parameters of detail volume and detail partition are identical).

When booting in Legacy mode in BIOS : Autorepair does not even see the disk and partitions that are shown in Diskpart. The partition tool of Easy-Re crashes.The disk is even not listed in Testdisk to investigate.

When booting in UEFI mode in BIOS : I do not manage to launch Easy-Re as I keep on having "Your PC Needs to be repaired. The operating system couldn't be loaded because the HAL is missing or contains errrors"

Is there something to do so I can use Easy-Re ansd see the partitions of Diskpart.




Mostly Harmless
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Hi Phil,

EasyRE should see the drives regardless of whether you boot in EFI or legacy mode. The only reason a disk wouldn't show up in auto repair or testdisk would be if the disk is bad (and it's not because you can see it from within Windows) or if your disk controller isn't supported by the drivers in EasyRE (which is rare, honestly).

You can run testdisk from within Windows and see if it can revert the partition to NTFS - you can grab a copy here:
TestDisk - Partition Recovery and File Undelete