Does NeoSmart communicate?????

I have sent several emails to both as well as which have all not been replied to. I have tried to send a fax to 773-733-5828 but it is always busy so does not accept incoming faxes. I have spent time trying to Google a real phone number for Neosmart but that has proved useless as well.

The EULA for EasyBCD says to contact Neosmart for licensing and volume questions. I have tried and this forum is a last ditch effort. The EULA is specific about "deployment licenses" I would like to talk to someone about that and the potential to actually pay Neosmart for a volume of licenses. My question is are you in business? Do you communicate with other companies that would like to buy your product other than a blind website? How do we do business? You have my profile information if communication is something that Neosmart would like to start doing to generate additional revenue please contact me.


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Hello Michael,

Please find a copy of the EasyBCD EULA attached to this message.


What I need is information on the purchase of "deployment licenses" as defined in the EULA under the section "SOFTWARE PRODUCT LICENSE" subsection (C). Additionally your EULA is specific in paragraph 2 in that information requests are to be sent to and, yet your statement above is that you do not accept support request via email..... How do you propose to do business with a company that wants to follow your own EULA? Please get back to me, thanks


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That is my personal signature, not company policy. I am personally inundated with private support requests that are not directed via the appropriate channels, and that is what that message is in reference to.
I sent an email to, and I thought I would try this as well. The email stated:

Thank you so much for the information below. In the past we had an EasyBCD 2.2 license in house just to play with. Just the other day I purchased a new EasyBCD 2.3 license. This will be used to create the needed software configurations here at the factory.

Based on our use model, I expect that we would choose to use a per device model on the deployment license. Can you please provide me with a price quote for the deployment license in different volumes? Let say a quote for quantities of:

Additionally, is there an unlimited license?

Finally, our traditional method for production component purchase is to establish an account and issue purchase orders. What is the model you use for their purchase?

Please get back to me on this, thanks
I don't think I have ever worked so hard to give someone money and have them just ignore it.....Is there an answer to the above post coming in the near future?


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I've nudged the owner.