...does not contain a valid windows installation...

Greetings! I am quite new here. Just purchased and downloaded this software to fix "Boot Manager failed to find OS loader" error on my Windows 8.1, 64-bit laptop.

When I launch Easy RE, it finds 2 volumes. One is the NTFS windows 8.1 volume, the other is just the cdrom. When I select the NTFS volume and choose "Automated Repair", I get the message in RED letters: The selected partition does not contain a valid Windows installation. You've either selected a data drive, or the volume has been formatted and cannot be repaired. Please select a different drive to continue."

Can someone help me with what are the next steps with this recovery software?


Mostly Harmless
Staff member
Peter is correct about all EasyRE support being over email, but in general that error would indicate a highly-corrupted (unreadable) or formatted Window partition, to the extent that neither the Windows bootloader nor EasyRE can read it.