Drive locked, can't refresh Windows 8

Is there any way to unlock a Windows 8 drive? I used a utility from slimware that went through and optimized my drive and Windows 8 has been messing up ever since. I wanted to refresh my op syst. but the cd I burned said " invalid key" (even though it was the one Microsoft sent me in the email). Then I redownloaded with the key Microsoft sent me and it downloaded ok. then it said "we couldn't install win 8" no other message . Then I tried the refresh option, and it said it couldn't refresh because the drive was locked. There is a 50 mb partition in front of the other partition that I don't know how it got there and that mini partition tool and Easus partition mgr can't remove. This may be what 's causing the problem. I used your Win 8 recovery cd, but it didn't help either. I have an 800 gb HD and I run a dual core intel at 2.6 MHz, with 6 gb ram.