Dual boot Windows 10 and SUSE Enterprise Linux using EasyBCD

Greetings all! Will someone be able to guide me on how to use EasyBCD to create a dual boot Windows 10 and SUSE Enterprise Linux system? I have no experience with the OS but want to use HANA on SUSE. So need someone experienced to guide me with the steps please. I have tried this without EasyBCD but the GRUB2 that came with SUSE makes it so hard to get in to Windows 10, if I have not hit enter in a few seconds it goes into a funky state and I have to reset the PC. Thanks.


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If this is a UEFI PC (chances are that it is if you bought it with W10 already onboard) then you cannot boot any flavour of Linux via the MS bootmgr, not even with EasyBCD.
EasyBCD and UEFI
If you don't know whether your PC is MBR/BIOS or GPT/UEFI you can check whether there's an "EFI System" partition in Disk Management, or if EasyBCD "view settings" shows the bootmgr loading Winload.efi or Winload.exe
Thanks Terry, I bought all the components and build the PC myself. The Windows 10 license I got separately. This is a GIGABYTE Z370P D3 Socket 1151 Z370 Express DDR4 S-ATA 600 ATX Motherboard.


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That mobo appears to come with UEFI, but since you installed W10 yourself, you should recall whether you installed it on a GPT partition with UEFI or on an MBR partition in Legacy BIOS mode.
If the former, then the link in my previous reply applies.

If the latter, you should be able to dual boot Linux via the W10 bootmgr.
First you'll need to put the W10 bootmgr back in control which you can do either through EasyBCD
Recovering the Windows Bootloader
or since you're a self-builder, you'll have the Installation DVD which will also do the job for you
Fixing the Windows Bootloader via the setup DVD
Once W10 is booting via its own bootmgr again, you can add a Linux entry to the BCD.