EasyBCD won't start

New Windows 10 system, one SSD with Windows, one HD.

Windows put a 500mb 'reserved system' partition on the HD I don't want there.

I ran EasyBCD and put it on C: (the SSD).

Then I was told I should shrink the SSD by 500mb, and move the bootloader to the new 500mb SSD partition.

So, I shrunk the SSD 500mb and made F:.

I'm trying to run EasyBSD to move the bootloader to F:, but on start it says 'Error opening BCD registry'.

Bit of a UI issue also: The error screen can't be closed. It has an x in the upper right but it can't be clicked. Right clicking the error screen does nothing.

Even right-clicking the EasyBCD icon on the taskbar and clicking 'close window' just makes the icon blink and doesn't close the error window.

I don't think it matters, but I got the error first while the SSD was 'drive 1' and the HD 'drive 0'. I powered down, switched the SATA cables, same error.
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