EasyRE (Vista) not fixing my PC

I have a Dell Studio laptop with Vista 64-bit. When I try to boot up I get error message: Unable to load operating system. I booted up with EasyRE Vista, selected Automated Repair-->Continue. Two drives were shown: Vista 64-bit (C:smile: NTFS 10 GiB Active Yes, and Unmountable Disk NTFS 288 GiB Active No.
I selected Vista 64-bit --> Repair and a number of messages scrolled in the window that opened: Repairing Windows partition . . .Failed to rewrite bootsector /dev/sdb3 . . . Unable to procedd with the repair of this volume. Check log files for more details. [during this process the hard disk R/W light was on constantly]. Next selected Unmountable Disk --> Repair and immediately got message: Selected partition is corrupted and could not be accessed or repaired. Next again selected Unmountable Disk --> System Restore and again immediately got same message: corrupted/not access-repair. Then selected Vista-64 again --> System Restore and got the Please Wait spinning mini-window which ran for 30+ minutes and was still spinning when I exited [during this entire time the hard disk R/W disk light did not light at all]. Earlier I had tried Browse/Backup Files --> Continue but the only two folders that showed up in the side pane where Root and EasyRE; Windows Vista 64-bit did not show up like it does in the video example and I could not find a way to access any of my files to copy or back them up. So I am stuck--can't fix/repair PC problem and can't access my files to copy them. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated!