Failed to boot after trying to install from another partition.


Link to the video
before i start, I was watching on youtube how to install windows without usb(pen drive) or cd-dvd..
and the way is shrink a volume(I called this volume Z) and put inside it setup files and then installing EasyBCD and doing what the tutorial do, but when i came to boot it's wasn't boot either my main boots system or other boot system(both failed to boot up).

after installing EasyBCD, i added entry in C's drive and i used winPE and added Boot.wim to path from Z's drive.
now i have two entry s, first one is my main boot(OS win7) and the second is my installation volume, which has installation files.
when i restarting my pc as normal but when it's time to boot from z's volume(which contains installation files it's not booting)[be sure i made everything well] then i restarted my pc and opened my main OS then i opened EasyBCD and changed my boots settings. then all my boots got wrong.

I noted something when i added entry it's didn't load all the drive path, it's only loading the partition path(not as videos have).

In the last i reinstalled my windows on my pc after losing all my data on c drive.

In another try i added another installation but by ISO file but when i boot it up my main boot didn't show and only my added entry was there, when i opened my entry it's gave me "grub4dos 0.4.5c" and i wasn't too enough to fight these kind of cases.

I hope i can do what in video did but not working.


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I'm not sure I understand the problem, I'm honestly very confused.