[FIXED] [EBCD-506] Unable to load Fedora 17's GRUB2 with EasyBCD

Hi guys I'm new to these forums and dualbooting so these questions may be completely stupid.

I downloaded the Fedora 17 live CD and installed it, with appropriate /, /home, /swap, etc.

Then I downloaded easyBCD and followed the steps online on setting it up:
Dual-Boot (install) Fedora 16 and Windows 7 leaving Windows in control on a Windows 7 computer - 1 hard disk

however when i select fedora from the bootloader it says:
starting cmain()

and then


i'm unable to access the graphical user interface and would dearly like to:smile:

anyway thanks for the help in advance!


Mostly Harmless
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Just install build 179, delete the Linux entry in EasyBCD, add it again, and reboot to test.
Make sure you choose GRUB2 from the drop-down when adding the new entry.

The fix worked. After I removed the old EasyBCD (and the Linux entry), and installed the new one, I was able to boot into the Windows Bootloader,
the Cmain() still popped up. Then it brought me to Fedora's boot loader. Everything is working fine though, but the suspend feature does not work (I suspect it is a problem with my computer).

Also, does it mean that I don't have to install the Linux bootloader at all?

Thanks for you help and hopefully the beta gets official soon!


Mostly Harmless
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The Linux bootloader is installed to a file somewhere, but not to the MBR. EasyBCD searches for and loads that file so you don't have to.

Thanks for confirming the fix, btw.