How can I add an entry for Ubuntu to the Windows 8 boot menu?

I have the following setup:
1st partition is windows 8 partition &&& 2nd partition - ubuntu 12.04 partition

while installing ubuntu I installed grub2 bootloader to ubuntu partition
mbr contains windows bootloader
I have tried using EasyBCD to add entry to windows boot menu, with no luck - this entry just boots into grub4dos command prompt
how to add Ubuntu to windows boot menu?

Please do not suggest installing grub2 to mbr or wubi..


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If this is a UEFI PC then the short answer is that you cannot boot Linux from the Windows bootmgr (MS don't allow it, EasyBCD cannot circumvent the prohibition)
The only solution (on UEFI) is to let grub do the booting.
If this is a BIOS/MBR PC then what you are doing should be routine.
Did you select grub2 (not legacy) from the dropdown choice ?
Failing that, do a search through the forum for the specific distro of your Linux and see if others have experienced the problem.
iirc, there was a specific Linux distro which had an architectural change to the boot process, not catered for in the EasyBCD code, causing users who upgraded to lose their ability to dual-boot through MS bootmgr with EasyBCD.