Invalid Partition Table Error

Whenever I restart my computer, I select to boot from the USB device and it gives me an invalid partition table error. Does anyone know what the reason for this is? I am trying to get easy recovery essentials to do an automated repair. So, I'm trying to do this so that I can use EasyBCD to make my OS able to dual boot Linux and Windows, but I can't do that if Easy Recovery Essentials won't even load off of the USB device I made for it specifically. Why will it not boot off of the USB device? Why is it giving me an invalid partition table error? This is really weird.


Mostly Harmless
Staff member
How did you set up your USB to boot into EasyRE? It sounds like you may have just copied EasyRE to the USB, which just won't do.
Please follow the instructions here to create a bootable EasyRE USB stick: Creating a bootable USB