Multi Boot Problem with Windows 10

I hope some kind kind soul can help me with a problem I have trying to get windows 10 to multi boot. I cuurently have Win 7, Win 8.1 and Win 10 installed on my system on 3 separate SSD. and find I cannot get them to boot correctly.

A little background. I did a clean install of win 7 ultimate (64) set up as MBR.
I installed Wind 8.1 on another SSD from an backup image I had. This at first had a few problems but with EasyBCD I was able to get them to multi boot and was working Fine. again the SSD is MBR. Disk Management shows this as (System, Boot, Pagefile, Active, Crash Dump, Primary Partition).

Did a clean install of Windows 10 on 3rd Drive in GPT/UEFI mode. it did not pick up the other Win OS's so used Easy BCD to add to Boot manager. It shows up fine but when I click on either 7 or 8 it restarts the system then goes through post then blank and then restarts and loads up the Windows 10 boot loader. However if I select the Windows 8 SSD in BIOS it boot to the Windows 8 bootloader and allows me access to Win 7 and 8.

Can anyone give me a solution to this problem so that I don't have to key entering BIOS to enable multi-booting. Do I need to copy some file to my windows 8 SSD if so which file and where is it

here's a copy of my disk management


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