No boot device available strike F1 to retry boot

About 2 weeks now my Dell Inspiron 570 began to refuse booting giving the report "No boot device available. Strike the F1 key to retry boot
SATA 0: Installed
SATA 1: Installed
SATA 2: None
SATA 3: None

I've several options but no luck. I need some real help, and willing to start over with all options again if someone can give me step by step instructions.


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It could be an irrecoverable crash on your boot HDD.
Do you have the Dell recovery options available ?
If you're not sure, or don't know how to access them, you'd probably do better to inquire on the Dell User Forum.


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This could be anything from, as Terry says, hardware failure to a failure of the boot components. In particular, if the MBR has been cleared/wiped/corrupted, you would still see this message too. The fact that the SATA drive appears in the BIOS leads me to believe it might be an MBR issue more than hardware failure, try the instructions at Fixing the Windows Bootloader via the setup DVD and see how far you get.