Not loading bootloader

I recently installed EasyBCD on a single boot Win 10. However, after restarting my computer, the bootloader will not load. It sits at a black screen with a flashing line in the top left as if to indicate a command line.


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EasyBCD is a passive utility for managing the contents of the MS BCD.
Installing it does nothing more than occupy a small space on your HDD.
It does absolutely nothing to your system just by being there.
It's only when you run it and use it to make additions/changes/deletions to the BCD contents that it would be capable of affecting the bootability of the PC
Like regedit, it will do exactly what you tell it to and if you tell it to do something which might break your system, it will go ahead.
Unlike regedit though, EasyBCD will warn you if what you have done has made the system unbootable, and try to stop you from rebooting until you've taken further remedial action. It can't physically prevent you from rebooting though.
Have you used it ?
If not, then it's completely unconnected with your problem.
If you have, what did you do ?
Basically, I had only just installed it. I didn't mess with any settings or change anything at that point in time. However I recovered the windows boot loader using a Windows repair disk. I am no longer having the problem, however EasyBCD is no longer on my system. For some reason when I installed it, something must have gone wrong. I will probably try it again here soon so that I can try and pinpoint where the issue had happened.


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Good luck and let us know what happens.