Partition Not Found, Except in Command Line


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I'm running my copy of ERE for Windows XP, if I click Automated Repair I get an error:
"Unable to find any valid Windows partitions on this computer!..."
And no hard drives or partitions are listed.

Same error if I try to go to browse/backup files.

However, if I drop to the command line it sees the entire hard drive, each partition and everything and shows no errors.

I was attempting to use EasyBCD to install Windows 98, XP, 7 and 10 on an older computer. I started with Windows 7, setup/installed EasyBCD, then installed Windows XP on a different partition, successfully. XP was booting fine as the default. I installed EasyBCD on the Windows XP partition, as I was no longer getting the prompt between Win7 and WinXP and it successfully found both OSes and Partitions and I went about rebooting. Upon rebooting, I get the NTKernel missing error, so that is why I'm attempting to use Easy Recovery for XP.

If I boot using my Easy Recovery for Windows 7, it sees the entire partition and then entire disk structure, but tells me it has nothing to repair.

Actually, Browse/Backup files does show the file system as well. And I can access files/etc. without a problem, but I cannot do an automated repair
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Is this a really old copy of EasyRE or did you download it recently? There was a bug like that a couple of years back.