Problem with EasyRE Vista

I thought it had downloaded properly via firefox and proceeded to burn onto a dvd using nero smartsmart essentials, when i got use the disk in the other pc it seems to start loading the boot program from the drive and then after about 30scs all the files stop loading and the screen goes black.

Also i was paying attention to the files scrolling down the screen and noticed Linux flashing up, is Linux part of the files or is this the wrong data?

redownloading now, and burning with isoburner *crosses fingers

please help :shame:
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Mak 2.0

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EasyRE is based off of Linux. It is within the Linux environment that the setup is launched and then there used to fix the PC. There is nothing wrong with what you downloaded, it is the proper thing. The screen black issue is something we have come across.

Send an email to to get a version that might work. With the limited number of systems we have for testing, we were not able to get all drivers and video devices supported.