New to these forums and am looking for recommendations to repair my PC while saving data if possible. A few days ago we had a power outage while my HP Pavilion was powered up. Computer will not complete boot process giving me a "Loadkey failed with error 1117(STHIVE#0)" error. The computer is running Vista Home Premium 32 bit and did not come with OEM Vista disk (image loaded on partition). I have used my recover disks I created to attempt a start up repair (to no avail) and to do a system restore (to no avail). I was able to scan hardware and memory to verify there were no problems there. I have been able to back up all data to an external HD.

I purchased the Windows Vista recovery disk from NeoSmart and successfully created the ISO image disk. I ran the repair tool last night 3 times with no success (just tells me it can't make the repair). I attempted to try the restore last night but ran out of time (didn't appear to be working).

I'm looking for suggestions on what to try next and hoping someone has dealt with this error before. If the only option is to do the system recovery and "rebuild" the system, would like to know that as well as I need to get started. Thanks.


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Well since you already backed up your data, the only suggestion that can be given is to check the manufacturer's website to find out how to restore the machine to factory settings. In my searching I found no way to recover from this error.